Monday, February 16, 2009

Delhi 6

Music : A.R. Rahman
Track Listing
01. Aarti (Tumre Bhavan Mein) : Rekha Bharadwaj, Kishori Gowariker, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar
02. Arziyan : Javed Ali, Kailash Kher
03. Bhor Bhaye : Shreya Ghosal, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Gujri Todi
04. Delhi 6 : Blaaze, Benny Dayal, Vivinenne Pocha, Tanvi, Claire
05. Dil Gira Dafatan : Ash King, Backing Chinmayee
06. Genda Phool : Rekha Bharadwaj, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar
07. Hey Kaala Bandar : Karthik, Naresh, Srinivas, Bony Chakravarthy
08. Masakali : Mohit Chouhan
09. Noor : Amitabh Bachchan
10. Rehna Tu : A R Rahman, Benny Dayal, Tanvi


Billu Barber [2009]-MP3

-= Tracklist =-
01. Marjaani
02. Love Mera Hit Hit
03. iou Get Me Rockin & Reeling
04. Ae Aa O
05. Jaoon Kahan
06. Billoo Bhayankar
07. Khudaya Khair
08. You Get Me Rockin & Reeling (Video Edit)
09. Love Mera Hit Hit (House Mix)
10. Marjaani (Kilogram's Balkan Mix)
11. Khadaya Khair (Reprise)
12. You Get Me Rockin & Reeling (Remix)
13. Ae Aa O (Remix)
14. Marjaani (Electro House)
15. Love Mera Hit Hit


Nero 9 Download Now | The best CD burner

Nero 9 Download Now | The best CD burner

Nero 9 is the next generation of the world’s most trusted integrated digital media and home entertainment software suite. It features new cutting-edge functionality that makes enjoying digital media content simple.

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With easy-to-use Nero StartSmart command center, your digital life has never been more flexible, feasible, and fun.

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Hide Your IP address with some other IP address | Serial Included

Hide Your IP address with some other IP address | Serial Included

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Slumdog Millionaire (2009) Hindi

Slumdog Millionaire (2009) Hindi

Music Director :: A.R. Rahman

1. "O... Saya"
2. "Riots"
3. "Mausam & Escape"
4. "Paper Planes"
5. "Paper Planes (DFA Remix)"
6. "Ringa Ringa"
7. "Liquid Dance"
8. "Latika's Theme"
9. "Aaj Ki Raat"
10. "Millionaire"
11. "Gangsta Blues"
12. "Dreams on Fire"
13. "Jai Ho"


Add Floating Hover Text - Which Trails Mouse Cursor

Add Floating Hover Text - Which Trails Mouse Cursor{like mine}

If you want to show any text like "Welcome Here" or "Sign My Guestbook", which follows the mouse cursor (trail text effect), like the one displayed in the image

Then, simply add the code in any HTML/JavaScript widget (Log in -> Layout -> Add a Gadget).

var text='YOUR TEXT HERE...';

var delay=40; // SPEED OF TRAIL
var endhtml='

//********** NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW HERE **********\\

ns4 = (navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>=0 && document.layers)? true : false;
ie4 = (document.all && !document.getElementById)? true : false;
ie5 = (document.all && document.getElementById)? true : false;
ns6 = (document.getElementById && navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>=0 )? true: false;
var txtA=new Array();
var x1=0;
var y1=-1000;
var t='';

t+=(ns4)? '' : '
t+=(ns4)? '' : '

function moveid(id,x,y){

function animate(evt){

function getidleft(id){
if(ns4)return id.left;
else return parseInt(;

function getidtop(id){
else return parseInt(;

function getwindowwidth(){
if(ie4||ie5)return document.body.clientWidth+document.body.scrollLeft;
else return window.innerWidth+pageXOffset;

function movetxts(){
}else moveid(txtA[i], getidleft(txtA[i-1])+txtw, getidtop(txtA[i-1]));


Download accelerator 9 Released | Make Your Downloading More Fast

Download accelerator 9 Released | Make Your Downloading More Fast

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9 is the world's most popular download manager, with over 165 million users worldwide. DAP accelerates your download speed so you can get all your favorite files, applications, and videos as fast as possible. Additionally, DAP features powerful privacy, security, and file management tools letting you download with confidence and flexibility. DAP is easy to use, working automatically with your web browser to provide the fastest download speed possible. DAP 9 has been enhanced with advanced new capabilities. New features include a free YouTube downloader; free video converter for iPod or PSP, Internet Explorer and Firefox style downloading; and new innovative Multi Antivirus security analysis.
This download manager brings much more to the table than fast file transfers, but it definitely delivers those, too. Increased download speeds are Download Accelerator Plus's bread and butter, speeding up downloads by almost 200 percent in most cases and occasionally as high as 400 percent.

Besides splitting files into smaller pieces, it thrives on automatically seeking faster mirrors. It also can get a file simultaneously from several sites, which is useful if a particular site limits the download speed; it can resume downloads; and it can preview some media files while downloading. There's also a blacklist for sites that you never want to accept downloads from, and categorized folders and filters to keep your downloads organized. DAP rolls in a media buffer, too, that allegedly will prevent streaming-video hiccups. Ensuring that you're running the latest version of the Adobe Flash player won't hurt, either.

Two new features include a UI change that lets users choose a Firefox- or Internet Explorer-styled download window, and integration with DAP's publisher's video converter. Downloading and converting video on the fly is a pretty smart way to keep the program fresh. The program will prompt you at your first attempt if you don't have the converter installed and guide you through its installation. Frustratingly, the install process will weigh you down with a ton of toolbars, default switches, and e-mail recommendations that you must opt out of for a clean installation.

Although it's heavy with ads and promotions, DAP is still a good choice for adding some heat to your typical download recipe.


Windows 7 transformation Pack | Free Download | Spice Up your old Windows

Windows 7 transformation Pack | Free Download | Spice Up your old Windows

After the release of Windows 7 the internet was full of windows 7 torrents and rapidshare links. I viewed some some windows 7 screenshots. I liked them but I am a real lover of WinXP I cant leave it. So i decided to search some transformation pack and i found this. This is really cool.....

This Pack will transform your old windows into new WINDOWS 7


Windows Se7en Transformation Pack 2009 includes the following Features
Windows Seven Visual Style
Windows Seven Start Menu
Windows Seven Styler TB
Windows Seven Pie Dock
Windows Seven Wallpapers
Windows Seven Transformation Pack – Visual Style lets you explore Windows Seven Wallpapers, Windows Seven Styler TB and Windows Seven Theme
Windows Seven Transformation Pack – Software lets you apply Windows Seven Blaero Start Orb, Windows Seven Start Menu, Windows Seven Pie Dock
This transformation pack includes following some more features also including:
Vienna Bootscreen
Vienna Explorer
Vienna Wallpaper
Vienna Gadgets
Vienna Sounds
This awesome transformation pack is made by person called hatem20, so all credits goes to him and you can contact him directly if you face any issues.


Raaz The Mystery Continues

Raaz The Mystery Continues

Alone in the Dark | The New Nightmare | Review + Download + Cheat Device

Alone in the Dark | The New Nightmare | Review + Download + Cheat Device

It's a clumsy port, but what's even more disappointing is that it's a clumsy port of only a middling console game.

In the early '90s, something happened that changed computer gaming forever. It's an upheaval that can be traced to a single focal point: France. In games like Out of This World, Flashback, and Alone in the Dark, French game developers created an entirely new genre--the action-adventure game--and opened new vistas for future game developers to explore. But while Out of this World and Flashback featured stunningly lifelike animation, polygon graphics, and environment-based puzzles, it was the original Alone in the Dark that left the most lasting impression on gaming. Inspired by the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft and featuring a constantly shifting cinematic third-person perspective, Alone in the Dark's blend of gunplay, tension-filled exploration, 3D characters, and intricate puzzles made it an instant classic. It's been six years since the previous Alone in the Dark game, so longtime fans of the series have every right to expect a top-notch product that melds the latest in graphics with the same sort of atmosphere and gameplay that made the original a classic. Unfortunately, everything about this new game--from its infuriating save-game system to its awkward keyboard controls--shows that it was primarily designed for video game systems, which it was. It's a clumsy port, but what's even more disappointing is that it's a clumsy port of only a middling console game.

Though the game's resolution is locked at 640x480, the in-game graphics are generally crisp and convincing, and have plenty of detail and good lighting effects. The only exceptions are the game's washed-out skyscapes and inexplicably blurry close-ups of inventory items such as maps, blueprints, and photos. Also, the video used in the intro is extremely lackluster--the whole thing looks as though someone smeared petroleum jelly over the camera--but at least the characters' lips move when they speak in this sequence; during the rest of the game their mouths are locked shut as they carry on conversations.

In The New Nightmare, Infogrames has abandoned the 1930s ambience of the first three Alone in the Dark games for a present-day setting in which you play as either private eye Edward Carnby or anthropologist Aline Cedrac. You might think these two might have a rendezvous with Scooby Doo since they're both headed for Shadow Island, a moniker almost as cheesy as the game's subtitle. Cedrac's been sent by a couple of shadowy figures to assist Professor Obed Morton in the translation of some tablets left by a tribe of Native Americans called the Akbanis, and to ensure she makes the trip, her contacts have given her reason to suspect Morton might actually be the father she never met. Carnby's ostensibly tagging along to watch over Aline, but he also wants to find out more about the death of his friend Charles Fiske, who was found dead off the coast of Shadow Island. After their plane mysteriously crashes, the two are separated, and the game proper begins.

Carnby and Aline are both cut from the standard video game character cloth: Carnby's flowing hair and trench coat make him look like The Crow minus makeup, while Aline is a busting-out babe who was poured into her jeans and tank top. Each character takes a different path to the game's finale: As Carnby you'll spend much more time fighting, while Aline has more puzzles to solve. Although you communicate with the other character from time to time via walkie-talkie, these are generally scripted events--the only time you actively use the walkie-talkie is during a silly puzzle in which Carnby must follow Aline's directions and radio back what he sees. Unfortunately, this is also where you'll encounter a bug: If you use the menu system to access the radio, Carnby can't contact Aline; you instead must use the radio hotkey to get past the scene.

You play from the same type of constantly changing third-person perspective that debuted in the original Alone in the Dark--which means the same problems with combat and exploration that were lodged against that game are still intact all these years later. That is, it's too easy to get trapped in a spot where you can't see what your character's doing, and the keyboard-only control (you can use the mouse only for a third-person "free-look" and to aim and fire weapons while stock-still) means you'll watch in agony as your character slowly turns around to face an attacker. Also, the decision to use the same key for actions (opening doors, picking up objects) and firing weapons means you can accidentally pop off a round as you explore with your gun in the aiming position. That's not good, since ammo can be a scarce commodity for Aline.

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Corel Painter X SP1 10.1.053 | Full Download

Corel Painter X SP1 10.1.053 | Full Download

Corel Painter X—the world's most powerful Natural-Media painting and illustration software—features unique digital brushes, art materials and textures that mirror the look and feel of their traditional counterparts.

The newest version of Corel Painter takes digital design to unprecedented
levels with the revolutionary Artists' Oils Painting System, Snap-to-Path Painting, Quick Clone for photographers, and brushes that perform up to 10 times faster than in previous versions. Corel Painter enables some of the world's most accomplished creative professionals—including commercial designers, artists and photographers—to extend their natural talents and techniques to create original works of breathtaking digital art.

Corel Painter X adds a range of tools and features that increase performance, fuel creativity and further extend compatibility with other industry-standard tools and applications. With improved Help features, tutorials by world-class digital artists and free access to selected training videos, getting started with Corel Painter IX is easier than ever.

Performance and Productivity
Increasing the overall speed, performance and stability of Corel Painter X was Corel's top priority. Working closely with Apple, Intel and AMD, Corel engineers created improvements and efficiencies wherever possible. Corel Painter has never been a more efficient and powerful application.

Corel Painter IX significantly narrows the gap between digital and natural media. An impressive array of new features provides unprecedented power to replicate natural media, and dazzling new effects offer more options than ever.

The ability to use Corel Painter in conjunction with other industry-standard software and hardware is greater than ever. New color-management enhancements enable printer colors to be reproduced more accurately on screen and in print. Extended support for Adobe Photoshop and Wacom pen tablets streamlines a professional workflow.

With improved Help features, a revitalized User Guide, tutorials from leading graphics professionals, free access to selected training videos from, and courseware specifically designed for educators, getting started with Corel Painter IX has never been easier!

System Requirements
Windows version:
* Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000 (each with latest Service Pack applied)
* Pentium III, 700 MHz or greater
* 256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)
* Mouse or tablet
* 24-bit color display
* 1024 ? 768 screen resolution
* 360 MB hard disk space
* CD-ROM drive

Size : 104 MB



Microsoft Product Keys, activator, keygens and more!!

Microsoft Product Keys, activator, keygens and more!!

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Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Password :




Billu Barber

Billu Barber




How to add/change background Image In Blogger

How to add/change background Image In Blogger

With the recent drop in prices in computer hardware, including monitors, a number of people have shifted from 15" or 17" to 19" or even to 22" monitors, and so they usually set their screen resolutions to 1024x768 or higher. But that doesn't mean there's no one with resolutions lower than 1024x768.

If you see the stats of my own blog, then out of 500 visitors, approximately 50% of them have 1280x1024 resolution, but another 50% of visitors have either lower or higher than that.

Mostly people optimize their blogs for a screen resolution of 1024x768 or 1280x1024, as maximum visitors usually set their screens at this resolution. Now visitors with lower resolutions will see two scrollbars at the right corner and at bottom.
But a problem may arise with visitors with higher resolutions, as they will see a blank space in the corners and edges of the screen, which may spoil the overall look of the blog.
To avoid these circumstances, you should add a background image to your blog.

Blogger, by default gives a background color, which looks very boring so follow these steps to change it and show a beautiful background image.

Log in to Blogger, then go to "Layout" section, now click on "Edit HTML" link.
Then find this line:

body {
margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
text-align: center;
color: #fff;
background: url('http://www.................png') repeat;
font-family: arial,verdana,helvetica,tahoma,Sans-serif;
font-size: 100%;
width: 100%;

body {
font:x-small Georgia Serif;
font-size/* */:/**/small;
font-size: /**/small;
text-align: center;

The code may not be exactly the same, so search/find for "background", by CTRL+F method, and check if it is the background: part of "Body {......"

Now change that background line to like this:

background: url('http://DIRECT_LINK_OF_ANY_SMALL_IMAGE') repeat;

The background image will not be displayed in Internet Explorer, if you do not give "space" after the url bracket closing and repeat.







Mcafee total protection 2009 | Fully activated | dOWNLOAD NOW

Mcafee total protection 2009 | Fully activated | dOWNLOAD NOW


* Prevent noncompliant systems from jeopardizing your business
Stop systems that don’t comply with your policies from getting access to your network and putting your reputation, business availability, and corporate assets at risk
* Uninterrupted end-to-end protection
Minimize vulnerabilities in your networks and systems; you get continuous, broad protection that keeps up with the latest threats
* Streamline your security
Get the depth and breadth of protection you need with one solution; there’s no need to rely on unmanageable standalone products that don't offer adequate coverage
* Simplify management
Make life easier for your security staff with McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®, no matter where they are; your staff does it all from a single, web-based console—security management, policy enforcement, and reporting
* A sound investment
Don’t start all over just because threats evolve and your infrastructure may change; protect yourself now and over the long term; flexible, scalable architecture grows with your organization
* Improve business availability
Reduce your exposure to zero-day attacks; fend off brand new exploits and save time with automatic vulnerability patching on desktops and servers
* Protect your network and employees
Scan, filter, and clean incoming and outgoing email; viruses, spam, phishing scams, and other unwanted content can’t disrupt your network or your employees’ productivity
* Get to the root of rootkits
Detect and clean deeply embedded rootkit infestations that may lead to identity theft, spyware, and other malicious exploits; wipe out rootkits before hackers have a chance to use them and do damage
* Browse with confidence
Warn your employees about dangerous web sites ahead of time with McAfee® SiteAdvisor™ Enterprise; protect them from browsing URLs that harbor spyware, rootkits, phishing scams, and adware


* Advanced network access control
Scan managed corporate systems, unmanaged guest users, and unmanaged remote systems to determine whether they comply with security policies; McAfee NAC automatically blocks or quarantines noncompliant systems
* Flexible enforcement gives you a wealth of options
Use host-based enforcement or switch-based enforcement with McAfee NAC; it also complements and extends other third-party enforcement frameworks like Cisco® Network Admission Control
* Single management console
Put your security staff at the helm with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator; enforce compliance with security policies and stay on top of your security status with detailed graphical reports
* On-access scanning for spyware, malware, and PUPs
Prevent malware, spyware, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from installing and spreading on your systems; our technology examines the behavior of these threats and quickly stops known and as-yet-undiscovered threats before they can compromise your security
* Advanced anti-rootkit technology
Use both behavioral and signature-based techniques to accurately and safely detect and scrub damaging and difficult-to-remove rootkits embedded in the operating system kernel
* Inbound and outbound email scanning
Filter your inbound and outbound email for spam, inappropriate content, and viruses; quarantine suspicious emails to prevent evolving threats from harming your network and users
* Enterprise-wide browser protection
Get increased visibility to web sites that are unsafe with McAfee® SiteAdvisor™ Enterprise; safety ratings are based on automated safety tests of web sites and user feedback; and SiteAdvisor is easy to deploy throughout your organization with ePolicy Orchestrator

25 to life-pc game full | Highly compressed | Download Now

25 to life-pc game full | Highly compressed | Download Now

25 to Life is a third person action game with a terrible aiming mechanic and woefully inadequate controls. As you might assume, that does a whole lot to make the game as unnecessarily frustrating and perplexing as possible. In it, you'll be able to use a wide variety of guns including several pistols, SMGs, rifles, grenades and Molotov cocktails. Each painfully linear stage plays out through a series of combat arenas. In other words, you enter an area, kill the enemies, pick up the floating health pack, move to next area, kill more guys. That's pretty much it. With a game so specifically focused on combat, it's amazing how limited your character is in terms of abilities. After playing through the game's first two levels, you've seen pretty much all there is to see.

Whoever you're controlling can crouch, run around, occasionally vault walls and lean side to side. The leaning is the only combat option that might have proved worthwhile or added some strategy, but as it stands it's pretty much useless. For one, you don't really lean that far, so you can't see much more of the combat area than if you were to just run out from behind cover. Second, the actual lean is slow, meaning if there are enemies around that know where you are, they're definitely going to shoot you. Third, once noticed, the enemies will always seem to know when you're going to lean out.

Basically, this means fighting from cover is awkward and ineffective. This is especially true since enemies will frequently lean out from cover too. In many cases you can't see exactly where your foes are and because the leaning controls are so slow to respond, you'll have to stand out in the open to know when you're able to shoot at them. Don't get the wrong impression here; just because the enemies take cover doesn't mean they're smart

Pentium 4 1.4GHz Processor
64MB DirectX compatible Video Card with Pixel Shader 1.1 Support
Video HW Transform & Lighting:
Vertex Shader Version: Required - 1.1
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9
2.5GB Hard Disk Space

Windows Vista Ultimate lite Mix-32-bit SP1 | Full Download

Windows Vista Ultimate lite Mix-32-bit SP1 | Full Download

Windows Vista Ultimate lite Mix-32-bit SP1

Windows Vista Lite Mix is like no other vista CD versions and now Build 2 takes a big step! This is a modified CD version of the Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1 DVD. Non important were removed to create a smaller, faster and 100% stable vista CD version. No need for or CD keys. 115+ tweaks has been added and lots of other extras...

-Only the less non important components were removed to shrink vista onto a standard CD size and to run smoothly!
-This version was Modified from the original "Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 DVD".
-No cd key or activation needs to be done so you can download all microsoft goodies.
-115+ tweaks applied for fastest and stability!
-It fits perfectly onto a standard CD. You can also burn it onto a DVD for faster installation time.
-You can only boot from disk in order to install so "MAKE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR HARD DISK BEFORE INSTALLING!".
-After the installation it should take about 3.5GB's of space on your hard disk!
-Minimum ram requirement is set to 256mb!

What's new?
Windows services updated!
More tweaks added!
Less components removed!
Latest Directx version!
6 different sidebar skins and gadgets!
Logon screen!
Startup Orb animation and sound!
Application compatibility issue Hotfix added!
ActiveX Killbits security Hotfix added!
All of the performance and reliability Hotfixes has been added!
User picture animated!
More screen savers!
Cool icons!
Sound Schemes!
3 cool themes!
Customized default aero theme!
Transparent maximized window!
90+ cool username pictures!

What's gone?
Speech support
Welcome center

Display adapters
Diva Server
Tv tunners

Hardware Support:
Fax Support
Internet small computer system interface (iscsi)
Windows Portable Devices

Languages(keyboard languages support Still Included!):
Simplified chinese
Table Driven text Input Processor
Traditional chinese

Media Center
Movie and dvd maker
Music and video samples
Sample pictures

Connect to network projector
Remote desktop and assistance
Windows collaboration
Windows mail

Distributed link tracking client
Error reporting
Microsoft dfs replication
Offline files
Remote registry
Windows remote management
Windows search

Bitlocker drive encryption
Disk defragmenter
Malcious software removal
Manual install
Microsoft Agent
Natural language
Parental controls
Performance counters
Reliability and performance monitor
remote differential compression
Security center
Sync center
Tablet pc
Windows defender ( Useless!)
windows easy transfer
windows SAT (You won't be able to rate your system performance!)
Zip folder

1. Burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD.
2. Insert disc, Boot From Disc.
3. Choose a Partition to install Vista Lite Mix.
4. Vista Lite Mix will restart 3 times to complete installation.
5. Enjoy!