Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AIO RapidShare Killer 2009 May || Must See

AIO RapidShare Killer 2009 (May) | 32.3 Mb

— Rapidshare Auto Downloader 3.5
— Raptor 2.11 beta
— MajorShare Rapidshare Downloader 4.5.1
— USDonloader сборка 18 от XXXXL

Blu-ray To Dvd Pro v2.11 For FREE || Must See

Blu-ray to DVD II Pro gives you the freedom to enjoy Blu-ray movies on your DVD player, with almost the same quality! Now you can easily copy your Blu-ray movie to DVD or AVCHD with only one click.

The built-in SmartExpress HD video codec module and SmartBurn burning engine will ensure an effective and fast burn. If the Blu-ray movie is encrypted, a third party decryption application, like Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper, is needed.

System Requirements:
Minimum configuration:
Pentium-IV 1.0 GHz or a faster processor
512MB of RAM
50 GB free hard disc space(NTFS partition)
A DVD burner
Windows Vista, XP, 2000



Password :-

SLOW-PCfighter 1.0.74

SLOW-PCfighter 1.0.74 | 2Mb

Program to optimize and accelerate the work of your computer. Have you noticed that your computer has recently began to work slower? No panic! Optimize your slow computer for better performance and prolong his life! SLOW-PCfighter uses for the most advanced technology available today, for the analysis of errors occurred in the computer and return past the speed of his work.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista 

CDBurnerXP Pro - Portable

CDBurnerXP Pro - Portable | 4.38 MB

CDBurnerXP is an easy to use and free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface. You can create data and audio CDs with or without gaps between tracks, burn and create ISO files, create bootable discs. It does however support Burn-Proof technology, multi-session disks, import of ISO images has bin/nrg - ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more. In addition to CD/DVD burning, you can also rip audio CDs, normalize WAV files, encode MP3 files, erase disks. Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista operating systems. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free. It does not include adware or similar malicious components.

Create Data-CDs/DVDs:
• burn any Data on CD-R/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW, including double layer mediums
• burn mp3-CDs to store many audio files on one single disc
• create bootable discs
• verify written Data automatically after burning process
• use either the internal browser to add your files or the intuitive Drop-Box to drag and drop files directly from any Windows Explorer window
• save your compilations for creation of backups
• burn on-the-fly and with buffer-underrun protections
• import previous (ISO 9660) sessions and edit existing file structure on CD/DVD
• quick- and full-erase disc
• copy data discs (possible copy-protection is not bypassed)
• retrieve recorder and disc information

Create Audio-CDs:
• create Audio-CDs from mp3, wav, ogg and wma files
• add single or multiple tracks from existing audio-CDs directly to your new compilation without ripping tracks before (add cda-files)
• play audio-files with integrated audio player
• gapless audio-CDs supported (disc-at-once-mode)
• import M3U or WPL playlists

ISO features:
• burn ISO files to CD
• create your own ISO files
• convert bin- and nrg-files to ISO
• save CDs/DVDs as ISO file to disc

Other features:
• simple cover printing feature for data- and audio-discs
• supports most IDE, USB, Firewire and SCSI drives
• integrated option to enable access to drive for restricted users
• multi-language interface
• online update

Portable Tunebite Platinum 6.0.28922.2200 Multilanguage

Portable Tunebite Platinum 6.0.28922.2200 Multilanguage | 24,2 MB

Tunebite Platinum, a fantastic DRM protection removing tool, can remove DRM from copy-protected Audio and Video files as they are played, and then generate to unprotected audio files (MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG) and video files (WMV, MP4, M4V,XVID, 3GP and MPEG-4 ).

Tunebite Platinum includes all of functions Tunebite Premium provides. With its help, you can enoy all of music and video without DRM protection!

Creating unprotected copy of DRM-protected audio and video file has never been easier!

What can Tunebite Platinum do for you

* Create unprotected copy of DRM-protectedmusic files
* Create unprotected copy of DRM-protected movie files
* Create unprotected copy of DRM-protected video files
* Supports Most of audio formats including MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA formats.
* Support most of video formats including WMV, MP4, M4V, MPEG-4.
* Create ringtones for mobile phone
* Automatically populate ID3 tags, album cover artwork and lyrics for audio files.
* High speed Digital Dubbing for turbo-speed playback and recording

FutureDecks Pro 1.3.3

FutureDecks Pro 1.3.3 | 8.39 MB

Looking for a smart, powerful pro DJ software?. Look no more! Meet FutureDecks Pro - the professional DJ mixing software. With FutureDecks Pro you can really mix your songs, nothing else needed but your imagination. Beat-matching is just a click away and also are seamless beat-aware loops, effects and many other things. All these thanks to a brand new audio engine.

- classic DJ setup with 2 decks, pro mixer and playlists
- fully manual or automatic mixing (one-click beat-matching)
- video mixing (including pitch, break, reverse, scratch on video)
- timecoded vinyls/CD support
- seamless intelligent looping and "skipbeat"
- automatic BPM detection (grid like) with batch-mode function
- vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch, reverse play, brake
- separate headphones output and song pre-listening
- support for VST effects and AudioUnits, eqs, filters
- analog input for microphone/turntables/CD-players, Talk-Over
- controllers supported natively (zero-configure): Behringer BCD2000/3000, M-Audio Xponent, all Hercules controllers
- additional MIDI IN with LEARN - assign knobs/switches to fx parameters
- advanced support for external mixers
- perceptual automatic gain
- sample player (sampler)
- record your mixes to WAV or AIFF
- KeyLock (MasterTempo) with on/off selector, gradual pitch bend
- ASIO/CoreAudio low-latency support
- browsing system with unlimited lists, disk explorer and database
- load the whole song in RAM memory for instant access
- audio-cd support on Win/Mac (intelligent cd detection/loading)
- can read mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg, cda, mpeg and many more files

Portable Photozig Albums Express 1.0 Build 306

Portable Photozig Albums Express 1.0 Build 306 | 9,2 MB

It is the easy, efficient and complete software to organize your digital photos, short videos and songs:

Key Features of Photozig Albums
* Comprehensive personal digital media solution.
* Consolidates the organization of your digital pictures, short videos, and songs.
* Powerful, efficient and easy-to-use features with integrated web functions to share online photos in new and fun ways.
* Tools to better get in control of your personal photo/video media.
* Speeds up the personal "handling" of your digital content.
* Give you more time to enjoy and share special moments with your family and friends.

Instead of conventional folders to store images, Photozig Albums has a built-in photo database that facilitates, speeds up, and enhances your experience with digital pictures:
* Faster and more efficient organization of photos in digital albums.
* Many ways to see your images, including all photos in a single window, whenever you want.
* You can find that special photo easily with Quick Find, Tags and Filters.
* You can customize the order of your photos as you wish, and the program keeps your custom sort.
* You can send to web, email, create slideshows, burn CD's with photos, videos, music and more.
* Finally, you can get in control of your photos...
* Because you got the right tools for several digital photo jobs.
* You can do it better and you can do more in less time.

The integration of powerful desktop features to manage digital images with built-in access to Photozig web services enables you to share your best shots online in many different ways (including web albums and Photo Album blogs), easily and quickly. Online content (after publishing) can also be modified (e.g. add/remove photos, change caption, album name, etc.) directly by your Photozig Albums software

SwiftDog RamSmash v1.5.4.2009

SwiftDog RamSmash v1.5.4.2009 |

RamSmash frees wasted memory back to the pool of available resources. By optimizing memory utilization your computer will operate at stable speeds and never run out of memory. Very easy to use, fully compliant with all versions of Microsoft ® Windows and automatically frees memory in real-time. Boost the performance of your PC the easy way.

RamSmash Details:
• Optimizes computer memory by freeing wasted memory back to the computer.
• Works in the background to free memory to reasonable values to maintain system stability.
• Visual representation in system tray which displays computer memory available to the system.

RamSmash Features:
• Fully customizable to the settings and preferences you choose.
• Easy and intuitive user interface which performs memory optimization in real-time.
• Try before you buy licensing with FREE lifetime upgrades and quality technical support.

Macro Mania 13.2.0

Macro Mania 13.2.0 | 8.99 MB

Whether you are looking for a personal productivity tool or, like many of our corporate customers, need a powerful, reliable program to automate tasks in a professional environment, Macro Mania is your solution.

A whole host of tasks can be automated with that very powerful concept alone!!! In essence, you can create macros that act as if someone is sitting at the computer and performing all the tasks manually (and because the computer is doing the work, it is all done much faster than would otherwise be humanly possible).Easily schedule unattended events (system maintenance, backups, etc.) with Macro Mania's built-in scheduler. You can also use it as a "reminder" program to remind you of a meeting, birthday, etc.

Printer Ink Saver v2.3

Printer Ink Saver v2.3 | 5,5 Mb

InkSaver allows you to control the amount of ink used by your inkjet printer, making your ink cartridges last longer. It works seamlessly with your existing printer software and hardware, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your ink usage.

How it works:

-InkSaver is a software product that you install on your PC. It cooperates seamlessly with your existing printer software and hardware, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your ink usage.
-Sitting between your printer driver and your printer, InkSaver intercepts and optimizes your print jobs. Its patented algorithms are able to reduce a print job???„?s ink requirements while still maintaining quality.
-When you click "Print" InkSaver automatically goes to work, extending the life of your ink cartridge.
-Set up is easy. Simply install InkSaver, and then set ink savings slider to the level of ink reduction you prefer ????? from 0% to 75%.
-To help you choose the level of ink reduction that best suits your needs, InkSaver allows you to print a Sample Page on your printer. This page illustrates how documents look when printed at various ink reduction settings.
-Because it works automatically, you can set InkSaver up once and never worry about it again. Just print the way you normally do, and let InkSaver go to work and save you ink every time you print. Or, if you prefer, you can confirm your ink reduction settings every time you print ????? so that you can tailor your settings to fit the quality needs of the document you're printing.

InkSaver 2.0 System Requirements:

* Any inkjet printer (InkSaver 2.0 works with all inkjet printer brands including HP??®, EPSON??®, Canon??®, Lexmark??® and many more*).
* Any PC running Windows??® 2000, XP Home or XP Professional
* Note: InkSaver does not currently support Windows Vista; we are in the planning stages for an updated version of InkSaver to support this new OS.
* At least 20MB of available hard drive space.
* Minimum of 64MB RAM (128MB RAM recommended).
* InkSaver supports parallel, USB and TCP/IP printing and multiple printers.