Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hitman 4: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money places gamers once again in the role of the worlds

greatest assassin, Agent 47. When assassins from Agent 47s contract

killing firm, The ICA, are systematically eliminated in a series of

hits, it seems a larger more powerful agency has entered the fray.

Sensing that he may be the next target, Agent 47 travels to America,

where he Prepares to Make a Killing.

Welcome to the USA: Agent 47 is heading to the U.S. making deadly stops

in iconic locales such as Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles and


All-New Game Engine: Now with a number of new moves including the

ability to create accidents and to dispose of bodies as well as a

re-vamped NPC and AI system, the world of being an assassin has never

been more realistic.

New Blood Money System: Use your hard-earned cash to bribe the press,

keep your picture out of the morning paper. Or you can customize and

upgrade your weapons to match your personal style of assassination. The

choice is up to you.

Assassin Rivalry: Agent 47 is up against a rival agency of assassins

competing to take out high-priced targets, and may even become the

primary target himself.

Rookie Training: New to the world of assassinations? New rookie mode and

levels of difficulty will give you all the training needed.

Environmental Danger: Drop a priceless chandelier or use a remote bomb

all new accident system allows for more freedom in choosing the method

for taking out the target.

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Adobe Macromedia Flash Professional 8

Adobe Soundbooth CS3

Top features

Intuitive audio editing with on-clip controls

Use powerful, sample-accurate tools to cut, copy, paste, fade, and stretch audio assets. Intuitive on-clip tools make common edits instant, and visual feedback keeps you informed at every step.

Animation cues for Adobe Flash

Lay down markers in Adobe Soundbooth and export them as XML or in FLV. Access the markers through ActionScript™ language in Adobe Flash® software or in the FLV encoder for tasks like driving animation or creating captions.

Fast audio cleanup

Automatically detect and fix common flaws in audio recordings such as hisses, hums, rumbling, crackling, and pops.

AutoComposer with customizable music content

Select one of the dozens of included Soundbooth Scores, and then customize it to match your project. Adjust intensity to match the project’s visual mood, and change the length to fit.

Visual tools for healing sound

Use tools like those in Adobe® Photoshop® software to visually identify, select, and remove individual sounds from a spectral display of your waveform.

More than 15 high-quality audio filters

Enjoy a library of audio filters to help you achieve your own sound, including reverb, echo, EQ, time and pitch stretch, distortion, chorus, and more. Combine up to five effects using the Effects Rack.

Fast mastering and vocal improvement

Use streamlined mastering tools to polish your file, clarify vocals, and give it punch.

New audio asset recording

Record high-quality mono or stereo audio files such as voice-overs with markers and take numbering.

Thousands of sound effects via Resource Central

Create or customize existing audio using thousands of sound effects available via Resource Central. (Internet connection required.)

Tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro

Smooth roundtrip editing allows you to send assets from Adobe Premiere® Pro using the Edit in Soundbooth command. After your edits are complete, the files are automatically updated back in the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline or project window.

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