Friday, March 6, 2009

Physics Ebooks / On Request of karttikeya

Physics Formulas [FREE]

Get all physics formulas given on this web site with simple explanations. Use them as a reference to speed up your home work.


Solutions to Physics Problems [FREE]

Find solutions to problems: One dimensional motion (12 solutions), Two dimensional motion (1 solution), Laws of motion ( 6 solutions), Work Energy Power (5 solutions), Circular Motion (1 solution), Gravitation (1 solution), Properties of matter (1 solution), Electricity (3 solutions). Also more than ten practice problems with answers.

Use them as a reference to speed up your home work!


Work Power Energy:[ FREE ]

This ebook has the chapter on work. It has been written in the text book style. There are simple explanations and examples to make it easy for you to learn. The topics covered are:

Case where no work is done

Units of work

Positive and negative work

Examples of work done

Variable force

Examples of variable force


Glossary of Physics Terms [ FREE ]

This a searchable glossary. It has definitions of most commonly used physics terms.