Friday, June 19, 2009

NOD32 Offline Update - 15 June 2009 (4157) || Must See || Dont Miss It





NOD32 Offline Update - 15 June 2009

Update your NOD32 without internet connection.

* Extract to any folder. You should get a folder called "nod_upd" along with the update files inside.
* Move that folder to the C:\. (You should have "c:\nod_upd")

* Open up the NOD32 Control Center by clicking on the system tray icon.
* Open the "Update" screen and click on "Setup"
* In the "Server" dropdown list, choose the last item which should point to C:\nod_upd.
* Click OK to close the update setup window.
* Back at the update screen, click "Update now".
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