Tuesday, April 7, 2009

McAfee Data Loss Prevention 2.2

Enterprises face dire consequences due to user behavior at endpoints, which puts confidential data at risk. McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention monitors and prevents risky user behavior that can lead to a sensitive data breach. This protection works across networks, through applications, and via removable storage devices. You’re in control whether users are in the office, at home, or on the move.
* Enjoy unrivaled protection
Prevent accidental disclosure and malicious theft of sensitive data by insiders and hackers alike to protect your business against financial loss, brand damage, and noncompliance
* Restrict data transfer via any channel
Monitor and control the transfer of sensitive information to removable storage devices, via email and IM, and through other communications channels—even when data is disguised
* Protect all layers of your infrastructure
Ensure that your confidential information is protected throughout your network—on servers, in databases, and across endpoints—regardless of operating system or device type
* Centralize management with ePolicy Orchestrator
Streamline management of your entire security risk management portfolio—including McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention —via the centralized console of ePolicy Orchestrator® 4.0
* Prove compliance with less effort
Generate detailed reports to demonstrate compliance with internal and regulatory privacy requirements to auditors, board members, and other stakeholders
* Control internal transfer of data
Control how employees transfer data over the network, use it in applications, and copy it to removable storage devices; protect data in any format—even if it’s modified, copied, pasted, compressed, or encrypted
* Comprehensive device management
Integration with McAfee Device Control allows you to prevent data from being written to USB drives, iPods, and other removable storage devices; specify which approved devices can and can’t be used according to any Windows-based device parameters
* Multi-layered protection
Use Host DLP to stop data loss from endpoints by monitoring and preventing risky user behavior with your sensitive data; when combined with McAfee Endpoint Encryption, you have a comprehensive, layered approach to preventing data loss
* Centralized management
Define and manage data protection policies, deploy and update agents, monitor real-time events, and generate reports to meet compliance requirements—all from the centralized ePolicy Orchestrator® 4.0 management console
* Advanced reporting and auditing capabilities
Through integration with ePO 4.0, quickly gather all the information you need to support prompt audits and analyses, including sender, recipient, time stamp, data evidence, and more



K-Lite Codec Pack / K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.7.5

Updated the universal pack of different programs and codecs K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which will be useful to all, who watch films and movies in DivX/XviD formats.
* Player:
o Media Player Classic Homecinema [version 1.2.1008.0]
o Media Player Classic [version rev. 99]
* ffdshow:
o ffdshow [revision 2819]
o ffdshow VFW interface
o extra plugins
* DirectShow video decoding filters:
o XviD [version 1.2.1]
o DivX [version 6.8.5]
o On2 VP7 [version]
o MPEG-2 (Cyberlink) [version]
o MPEG-2 (Gabest) [version]
* DirectShow audio decoding filters:
o AC3/DTS/LPCM/MP1/MP2 (AC3Filter) [version 1.51a]
o Vorbis (CoreVorbis) [version]
o AAC (MONOGRAM) [version]
* DirectShow audio parsers:
o FLAC (madFLAC) [version 1.8]
o WavPack (CoreWavPack) [version 1.1.1]
o MusePack (MONOGRAM) [version |]
o Monkey’s Audio (DCoder) [version 1.0]
o OptimFROG (RadLight) [version]
o AMR (MONOGRAM) [version]
o DC-Bass Source [version 1.2.0]
o AC3/DTS Source (AC3File) [version 0.5b]
* DirectShow source filters:
o AVI splitter (Gabest) [version]
o AVI splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
o MP4 splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
o MP4 splitter (Gabest) [version]
o Matroska splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
o Matroska splitter (Gabest) [version]
o Ogg splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
o Ogg splitter (Gabest) [version 1.2.997.0]
o MPEG PS/TS splitter (Haali Media Splitter) [version]
o MPEG PS/TS splitter (Gabest) [version 1.2.997.0]
o FLV splitter (Gabest) [version]
o CDXA Reader (Gabest) [version]
* DirectShow subtitle filter:
o DirectVobSub (a.k.a. VSFilter) [version]
o DirectVobSub (a.k.a. VSFilter) [version 2.33]
* Other filters:
o Haali Video Renderer [version]
* VFW video codecs:
o XviD [version 1.2.1]
o DivX [version 6.8.5]
o On2 VP6 [version]
o On2 VP7 [version]
o huffyuv [version 2.1.1 CCE Patch 0.2.5]
o YV12 (Helix) [version 1.2]
* ACM audio codecs:
o MP3 (LAME) [version 3.98.2]
o AC3ACM [version 1.4]
* Tools:
o Codec Tweak Tool [version 2.5.1]
o MediaInfo Lite [version 0.7.12]
o VobSubStrip [version 0.11]
o GraphStudio [version]
o Haali Muxer
o Bitrate Calculator