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Macromedia Flash 8

Flash Professional 8 is the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating interactive websites, digital experiences and mobile content.

With Flash Professional 8, creative professionals design and author interactive content rich with video, graphics, and animation for truly unique, engaging websites, presentations or mobile content.

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New ULTIMATE 2009 sound scheme for Windows (High Quality sound scheme) || Must See

New ULTIMATE 2009 sound scheme for Windows (High Quality sound scheme) | 5.41 MB
Ultimate Sound Scheme for Windows.. a totally different High Quality sound for Windows..!

*High Quality surround Sound
*Easy to use
*Messenger sounds also included
*Totally different sound than the default sound scheme
*Includes all the sound effects

Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop Professional 3.0a36

Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop Professional 3.0a36 | 13 MB

Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop Professional is the image manager, graphic editor and viewer to convert, optimize, print, view, thumbnail, dither, transform, caption, flip, rotate, scale, crop, colour-adjust, quantize, catalog, batch process and wreak special effects on virtually all popular bitmapped graphic file formats. Browse your image collection, decode pictures from the Net, fine tune your digital photos, create photo-CD or self extracting EXE files and run slideshows. You can even play MP3, Wave, MIDI, AVI... Alchemy Mindworks designed it so you can use the bits you require, without the rest getting in your way.and try it out.

Also included are: GIF Construction Set UltraLight with Animation Wizard; Camera screen capture for Windows 95/98/ME; Rotator to change your wallpaper or screen savers automatically; and Resource Extractor to locate and extract icons, bitmaps, sounds. Multiple browser windows, drag and drop, thumbnail previews, Pentium-optimized functionality and more provide speed, flexibility and user-friendliness to manage and manipulate your graphic images. We invite you to download a fully-functional evaluation copy of AMI Graphic Workshop Pro and try it out.

??? Adobe Photoshop PSD/PDD
??? AOL / Johnson-Grace ART
??? AVI Video for Windows
??? BGA OS/2 graphic arrays
??? CALS Raster
??? Canon CRW digital camera raw image files (requires RAW plugin)
??? Casio digital camera CAM
??? Cisco CIP IP Phones image files (requires CIP plugin)
??? CompuServe GIF (with animated GIF viewing)
??? Corel CDR preview and bitmaps
??? Digital Research/Ventura IMG
??? DCX FAX files
??? Windows enhanced metafiles (EMF)
??? EPS previews
??? EXE self-displaying pictures
??? FITS
??? FlashPix
??? FLI/FLC animation files
??? Halo CUT
??? HAM ??“ Amiga hold and modify
??? ICO Windows icon files
??? Iterated Systems FIF
??? JFIF JPEG files
??? JPEG 2000 (requires JPEG 2000 plugin)
??? Konica KQP
??? Kodak Digital Science Camera KDC
??? Kodak Photo-CD PCD
??? MacPaint
??? Microsoft Paint MSP
??? MIDI music files (play only)
??? MP3 (requires external player)
??? MPEG (requires external player)
??? Nikon NEF digital camera raw image files (requires RAW plugin)
??? Olympus ORF digital camera raw image files (requires RAW plugin)
??? PC Paintbrush PCX
??? Pegasus PIC files
??? PFS:First Publisher ART files
??? PIC (as used by GLpro/GLpaint)
??? PICT ??“ Macintosh metafile
??? PNG Portable Network Graphics
??? PSP graphic files
??? QuickTime MOV
??? Seattle Film Works SFW files (requires SFW plugin)
??? Silicon Graphics workstation SGI
??? Slow scan television HRZ files
??? Sun Raster RAS files
??? Targa Truevision
??? Text files
??? TIFF
??? TTF TrueType font preview
??? UUE encoded graphics
??? WAP Bitmap WBMP
??? Windows BMP, DIB and RLE
??? Windows metafiles (WMF)
??? Windows screen savers (SCR)
??? Windows WAV files
??? WordPerfect Graphics WPG
??? XBM

Here are some key features of "Graphic Workshop Pro":
??? Batch processing to convert, resize, transform and process multiple image files in a single operation.
??? Instant image viewing - just double-click.
??? Support for over 50 popular file formats.
??? On screen thumbnails - browse your graphics visually.
??? Windows Explorer-like browser interface.
??? Integral keyword and comment database.
??? Johnson-Grace ART file support to handle ART files from AOL.
??? Interactive filtering to handle color adjustments, resizing and special effects.
??? Interactive cropping.
??? Mystery file identifier.
??? Create web page galleries of your pictures.
??? Exhaustive documentation and tutorials to get you up to speed in milliseconds.
??? Captioning.
??? High-resolution thumbnail printing.
??? Self-displaying EXE pictures.
??? Support for Pegasus PIC and KQP files, as used by several commercial photofinishers.
??? Support for Macintosh PICT files.
??? Resource Extractor - look for graphics, icons, text and sounds in Windows executables and libraries.
??? Rotator - changes your Windows wallpaper and screen saver periodically.
??? Screen capture (Windows 95 and 98 only).
??? Make your own Windows screen savers - convert to SCR.
??? Drag and drop files between browser windows.
??? Captioning - add text to your pictures.
??? GIF Construction Set UltraLight - a simple GIF animator based on Alchemy Mindworks' GIF Construction Set software.
??? Create your own Windows startup and shut down screens.
??? Integral Paint function - right-click on any single-image graphic file in a Graphic Workshop Professional browser window to open it for editing in your paint software.


Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 3

Total Commander is a file manager replacement that offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.

Features of Total Commander:
- Two file windows side by side
- Multiple language support
- Enhanced search function
- Compare files / synchronize directories
- Quick View panel with bitmap display
- ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
- Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
- Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
- Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history + favorites buttons
- Both 32 bit and 16 bit versions available!
- Long filenames in Windows 95/98 and Windows NT (16 and 32-bit version)!
- Direct access to Network Neighbourhood
- Supports Drag & Drop with Explorer/the Desktop etc.
- Command line for starting of programs with parameters, simply by typing the program name or by pressing CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
- Configurable button bar and Start menu (User-defined commands) to place your frequently used DOS or - Windows programs into a drop-down menu. The actual directory and/or the file under the cursor can be delivered to the application.
- Configurable main menu.
- Built in file viewer (Lister) to view files of ANY SIZE in hex, binary or text format, using either the ASCII- (DOS) or the ANSI- (Windows) character set. The line width and font size can now be changed. You can even view files inside archives! New: Support for Unicode UTF-8 format.
- Bitmap viewer in Lister, additional formats through Irfanview (see addons).
- HTML- and Unicode-Viewer in Lister.
- Parallel port transfer function (direct cable connection), works between Win95/98/NT/2000/3.1 and DOS!
- Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search

Yz Shadow (Adds a shadow and transparent effects to Windows)

Yz Shadow | 5,44 Mb

Y'z Shadow is an enhancement software which adds a shadow effect to Windows in pursuit of the beauty of a shadow. It also allows the user the option of making menus transparent.

- Attaches a drop shadow to the windows.
- Makes it possible to select one type of shadow effect in the active window and a different one in the inactive window.
- The user can choose to have transparent menus. There is also the option of selecting the degree of transparency in the menus.
- Add a drop shadow to the menus.
- Add a drop shadow to the taskbar.
- The width, depth, etc. of the drop shadows can all be set to your liking in the settings dialog.
- It works correctly with either WindowsXP styles or classic style.
- The user can specify application windows that you wish to exclude from having the drop shadow effect.
- The user can choose a setting that will automatically adjust your windows so they do not overlap or interfere with the taskbar.
- Available in different languages.

- Windows XP Professional or Home Edition
- Please use 16 bits of screen color depth or higher.

· The feature for changing the color of a drop shadow has been added
· The feature which allows users the option of excluding the start menu from the transparency effect when using Windows XP styles has been added.


Cisco Network Magic Pro v.5.5.9118.2

Cisco Network Magic Pro v.5.5.9118.2 | 26MB

Home networking is hard, no doubt about it. But Network Magic makes it easy to do all the things you want to with the computers and devices in your home. Things like sharing printers and files across all your computers, monitoring Internet use, and repairing broken Internet connections. No more emailing files to yourself just to print them out, no more wondering about where your kids are surfing on the Internet, no more waiting around for “the repair guy” to fix your wireless Internet.

With Network Magic you can:
Print from any computer in your home
Share files between all your home computers – even Macs & PCs
Monitor Internet use and Web sites visited for any computer in your home
Pinpoint & repair Internet connection problems
View a live map of your network
Protect your wireless network from intruders†

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ product line, XP Home Service Pack 1 or 2, XP Pro Service Pack 1 or 2, XP Tablet PC, XP Media Center 2005, XP X64 edition, 2000 Pro SP3 or later, Millennium Edition (ME), Windows 98SE, MAC® OSX
Processor: PC with 450 megahertz or higher processor clock speed recommended. Intel® Pentium®/Celeron® family, or AMD K6™/Athlon™/Duron™ family, or compatible processor recommended
Memory: 128 megabytes (MB) RAM or greater
Network adapter: Wired (Ethernet) or wireless network adapter, with Internet connection
Disk space: 40 megabytes (MB)
Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater
Windows Installer 2.0 or greater (included in Windows XP or later).

5000+ genuine serials of all the Microsoft Products (XP, Vista, Server, Office, Windows 7)(updated)

5000+ genuine serials of all the Microsoft Products | 5 Mb

Here are more than 5000 serials of all the products of the Microsoft Corporation !Including Windows 7 serials too !These all serials are genuine and will give you the Microsoft Corporation's WINDOWS GENUINE ADVANTAGE !!

* More than 5000 serials
* Not in the blacklist (totally genuine)
*Enables you to update your computer through automatic updates
*Helps to gain Windows Genuine Advantage
*Genuine Advantage helps in removing malicious and unwanted software !!

WHAT is the Windows Genuine Advantage Program?
Microsoft Genuine Advantage programs, including Windows Genuine Advantage, help you determine whether or not your copy of Windows is genuine. Genuine Windows software is published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or an authorized partner, giving you full capabilities, access to all the latest updates, and confidence that you are getting the experience you expect. Microsoft continues to invest in education, engineering, and enforcement in order to more effectively combat software piracy. It’s part of Microsoft’s commitment to help protect its intellectual property and to help you avoid problems before they happen.

WHY you should care that your computer is running genuine Windows?
In today’s world, you rely on your computer to work for you and to run your business. You store thousands of photos, music collections, and important documents; you make purchases, enter personal information, and search the Web. Imagine what it would be like to lose all your favorite family photos, or have your financial data stolen as a result of malicious or unwanted software running on your computer. Market research firm IDC reported in a recent study (English only) that obtaining and using pirated software can pose a serious security threat to organizations and individuals. Often, counterfeit software is bundled with malicious and unwanted software that can lead to a corrupted system, a loss of data, and even identity theft. The risk of running counterfeit software is real. Windows is the operating system and the brain behind everything you do on your computer; you can help protect your data by installing only genuine Windows.

Social And RSS Icons || Must See

Social And RSS Icons
Beer Cans | Beer Caps | Stamps
48xPNG | 256x256 to 16x16 | Win & Mac | 1.80MB



Portable Ashampoo Photo Commander 7.20 Multilanguage

Portable Ashampoo Photo Commander 7.20 Multilanguage | 45 Mb

Ashampoo Photo Commander is a perfect example of a new generation of programs that are genuinely intuitive easy to use. It makes organizing your pictures and getting them to look great as simple as pressing the button on your camera. You??™ll save time, have a barrel of fun and your friends and family will be really impressed. Almost everything is done with a couple of clicks - adding picture frames, correcting your photos, making greeting cards, collages and slide shows, sharing your pictures on CDs/DVDs or your website and much more.

New features at a glance
New interface: Ribbon style tabbed interface with Vista style buttons on XP
Adjustable dialog box sizes: user settings are saved
Quick-Fix Tools: All common operations with a couple of clicks
Editable objects: New file format stores objects you add on editable layers
Unlimited Undo/Redo: For all changes
Browser EXIF mode: Shows all the photo??™s EXIF/IPTC information directly under the picture
Quick 5-star ratings: Just click to rate photos with 1-5 stars, supports sorting by rating
Enhanced thumbnails: Better looking thumbnails stored with lossless compression
Enhanced searching: In subfolders and by EXIF and IPTC data
New screen capture technology: Capture free-style shapes, Vista Aero Glass effects and more, full multi-monitor support
Improved Wizards: Wizards guide you through procedures with a clearer, even more intuitive layout
Email to PDF: Mail multiple images in a single PDF file
Batch optimization: Apply the new One-Click Optimization tool to all your selected photos in one quick and easy process
Slide shows with audio: Add more than one audio track to your slide shows
JPEG-XR support: The program supports the new Windows HD Photo format

Your Opion ? || Must See

Hello Friends,

As You Can See Above Picture Of HARRY POTTER .

What You Think Is It Real Or Edited In Photoshop ?

Leave Your Opinions :))