Saturday, March 28, 2009

Corel Painter Sketch Pad

Pen-based sketching software Corel® Painter™ Sketch Pad is your first step in creating digital art. Designed to leverage the natural flow of a drawing tablet, Sketch Pad helps you sketch, organize and share your creative ideas.

Lay the base for amazing designs with this focused sketching software that gives you the tools you need to quickly get ideas out of your head and onto the page. Designed to work with a pen and drawing tablet, Sketch Pad recreates the natural feeling of sketching and painting by hand. Organized like a real sketchbook, it lets you flip through and review your sketches. Broad file compatibility makes it easy to export and share sketches when done. Now there’s no excuse for a blank page. Let your ideas unfold with SketchPad.

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Foxit Reader Pro 3.0 Build 1301

Foxit Reader Pro 3.0 Build 1301

Unlike Adobe® Reader, this one has size about than 2.5 MB, needs no installation and opens up immediately. You don't need to go throught lengthy installation process to start using Foxit PDF Reader, just UNZIP the downloaded "" package into any place you want, then run PDFReader.exe. You can set Foxit PDF Reader as your default PDF reader, so you can double click on PDF files to open them within Foxit PDF Reader.

What's new in Version 3.0:

New features:

* Enticing Multimedia Design. Now users can not only play multimedia in Foxit Reader, but also are empowered to add, edit or delete multimedia files with the incredible Movie Tool and Sound Tool.
* Attachment Panel. Lists all the attached files in the PDF document, and provides a number of common options that helps users manage the attachments, such as opening, deleting and adding description to the attachments. Users can also change the security settings when opening an attachment in this panel.
* Thumbnail Panel. Shows thumbnail images for each PDF page and allows users to quickly view relevant portions of a PDF file. Now users can navigate through PDFs with page thumbnails.
* Layout Panel. Lists PDF layers in the document, allows users to control the display of some certain content areas.
* Metric Unit Support. Within the preferences dialog box it gives users the option to set the unit of page dimension in either metric system or imperial system.
* Auto-scrolling with Middle Mouse Button. In the Hand Tool reading mode, users can perform auto-scrolling by holding the middle mouse button/wheel mouse button down.
* Awe-Inspiring Foxit OnDemand Content Management. This new add-on enables users to organize, share and collaborate on documents and forms online. Users can upload from Foxit Reader or send documents with ease. Advanced features include workflow driven document sharing, revisions of documents, CollabRoom for group collaboration.
* Firefox Support. With Firefox Plugin, users can view and work with PDF files loaded in Foxit Reader with Firefox web browser.

Enhanced features:

* Improved Select Text Tool. Not only used for selecting text, but also enables users to add most types of annotations, including highlight, strikeout, underline, squiggly, replacement, etc.
* Enhanced Print Setup. Supports printing separate pages or a range of pages by entering 1, 3, 7-10 or whatever in the Pages text box within the Print dialog box.
* Better Annotation Control. Allows users to align and center multiple annotations on PDF pages, including Notes, Drawing Markups and Typewriter Comments.
* Advanced Toolbar Control. Completely rearranges the toolbar layout and allows users to easily customize the tools that appear in Foxit Reader.
* Better Permission Control. Disables and grays out some UI elements when users are not allowed to perform the corresponding operations on the protected PDF document.
* Improved Upgrade Mode. Foxit Updater Preferences dialog box allows the user to configure the update settings. Foxit Reader supports the ability to check for updates automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.
* Improved Popup Note. A popup note turns transparent when it is open but not selected. Users can also cut, copy or paste text in the new popup note.
* Enhanced Shortcut Keys Input. Press F11 to enter or exit the full screen mode. Use keyboard shortcuts to fill PDF forms easily.
* Transferrable preferences Settings. Foxit Reader creates an INI file to save user's preferences settings so that it can be easily kept and transferred. Users can keep their own settings and don't have to configure them when Foxit Reader is updated or moved.
* Many Bug Fixes

SIZE : 6.8 Mb

Download :

Delphi & C++ Builder 2009 [Architect]

The Architect edition of Delphi 2009 includes everything in the Enterprise version, as well as data modeling and design capabilities from Embarcadero ER/Studio Developer Edition. Embarcadero ER/Studio is an industry-leading data modeling tool which helps companies discover, document, and re-use data assets. With round-trip database support, data architects have the power to easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases. Productivity gains and enforcement of organizational standards can be achieved with ER/Studio's strong collaboration capabilities.

The Architect edition is of interest to the same developers who are interested in the Enterprise Edition, but who want to do database design and management in a highly productive environment.

Name: Delphi & C++ Builder 2009 [Architect]
Size File: 1.9 Gb
Year: 2009
Language: English
Crack: Yes


Data Doctor Recovery Portable 14 in 1

Data Doctor Recovery Portable 14 in 1

This AIO Includes:

* Recovery Digital Camera v3.0.1.5
* Recovery Digital Pictures v3.0.1.5=
* Recovery FAT v3.0.1.5
* Recovery FAT and NTFS v3.0.1.5
* Recovery iPod v3.0.1.5
* Recovery Memory Card v3.0.1.5
* Recovery NTFS v3.0.1.5
* Recovery Pen Drive v3.0.1.5
* Password Recovery v3.0.1.5
* Recovery Removable Media v3.0.1.5
* Recovery SIM Card v3.0.1.5
* Recovery Zune v3.0.1.5
* Secure Data Wiper v3.0.1.5
* Website Monitor v2.0.1.5


Vista Winset 3.0

Vista Winset 3.0

Vista Winset is a comprehensive suite of utilities to that powers up Windows Vista/Xp/2000/2003/2008 do more and do it better. Vista Winset is an all-in-one system utility to optimize,clean up,maintain and speed up your PC.make your computer always perform like new.It also gathers detailed and accurate software and hardware information for you to know your PC . Vista Winset set of more than 40+ tools are designed for PC's peak performance. Vista Winset has more then 30+ windows utilities to daily use. So that you can customize your Copy of Windows Vista/Xp/2000/2003/2008 to be Your Personal Copy

What’s new with Version 3.0

1. Add a new function: Encrypt/Decrypt personal document file.
Function Menu:Power Tools--- Encrypt /Decrypt file.
2. Change the bug for Version 2.9

Size:4 Mb

Download :

Total Uninstall Professional 5.2.0. Build 148

Total Uninstall Professional 5.2.0. Build 148 | 5.03 Mb

The utility is intended primarily for users who often have to reinstall software. The first step in the Total Uninstall, is monitoring changes in the system during the installation of new software. A snapshot of the file system and registry prior to the installation of any of the programs and after. In the future, based on the collected at the time of installation of data (images before and after installation), a tool for quickly and help you remove unwanted program. It's quite simple. Total Uninstall interface is very simple and intuitive, all of the steps set through dialogues, and that the Russian language program simplifies working with her.


or uninstall professional 5.2.0.Build148.rar.html

FireTune v1.2 Multilanguage

FireTune v1.2 Multilanguage || 1.23 MB
Optimizes the browsing speed of Firefox FireTune lets you adjust some settings hidden in the Mozilla Firefox browser, aiming to optimize its performance and speed up the loading of web pages and navigation as far as possible. This is a series of options that may be difficult to find and change, and is responsible for FireTune change automatically. The program also includes a utility to make a backup of the configuration before applying any changes, and a "undo" to undo all changes you have made.