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Rapidshare Auto Downloader 3.1 VIP Cracked Premium

This software will download rapidshare link files automatically.Try it yourself n u will know how helpful it is.
Certainly a must hav software for download junkies

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flasH iNtRO Nd bANNER mAkER v2.6.106

Flash Intro and Banner Maker is a Flash authoring tool to help you create Flash intros, AD banners and ecards with ease. There is no need for knowledge of Flash development studio and Actionscripts, all you need is to input texts and select from premade customizable background effects and text animation effects. The properties of texts are customizable, including font style, size, width and height scale, transparency, rotation, border, fill style etc.

Key Features :
* Wizard style user interface, extremely easy to use;
* Customize width, height, frame rate of Flash movie;
* Add border to Flash movie;
* Add MP3 or WAV file to Flash movie as background sound effect;
* Add preloader to Flash movie;
* Add multiple images or Flash movies to background;
* Lots of background effects to select from, all of them are customizable;
* Add multiple background effects to Flash movie;
* Set background of Flash movie as transparent, solid color, linear gradient color, radial gradient color;
* Display texts as dynamic effects one stage by one stage, or display as static texts on background; Unlimited stages of animated text effects;
* Unlimited lines of text effect in one stage;
* Customize font style, size, width and height scale, transparency, rotation, border of text, set fill style of text as solid color, linear gradient color and radial gradient color;
* Set different font style of texts in one line;
* Lots of text animation effects to select from, all of them are customizable;
* Set web link of texts;
* Customize timing of text effect;
* Open web page when Flash movie stops or when user clicks on Flash movie;
* Publish Movie as Flash SWF, GIF image and AVI video.
* Generate HTML code to include Flash movie in your web page.

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Wordfast Pro v6.0

Wordfast Professional is the next generation in Wordfast technology. A localization powerhouse at your fingertips, Wordfast Professional offers a full suite of localization tools. It runs on multiple platforms, opens a much wider variety of formats than Wordfast Classic, and integrates potent tools for Project Managers who process large quantities of files. Wordfast Professional is the tool of choice for both freelance translators and the localization industry.

Wordfast is pleased to announce Wordfast Pro, the next-generation in TM technology. Designed for corporations, translation agencies, and freelance translators, Wordfast Pro offers you all the benefits youve come to expect from Wordfast, including speed, ease-of-use, and great value for your investment. Taking a step further, Wordfast Pro now offers these benefits in a stand-alone, platform independent environment. With enhanced support for numerous file formats and powerful batch processing functionality, Wordfast Pro promises to change the TM landscape for every stakeholder in the translation process, from project manager to individual translator.

- Freedom to translate your way
Work on Mac, Windows and Linux
Choose your view with table and document modes
Personalize your shortcut key library

- Flexibility to use numerous TM and reference sources
Connect to multiple remote and local TM assets
Search without limits on all your glossaries

- Power to handle complex project management tasks with greater efficiency
Batch process all of your files with lightning speed
Analyze, cleanup, and extract your frequent segments
Support a wider variety of file formats than ever before

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ZoneAlarm ForceField

ZoneAlarm ForceField is a security product designed specifically to protect you while you bank, shop, or surf dangerous areas of the Internet. It does this by creating a virtual “bubble†around your surfing session, protecting your PC from fraudulent Web sites, phishing scams, spyware Web sites, and dangerous downloads. ZoneAlarm ForceField also ensures that spyware that may already be on your PC cannot steal your information while you bank and shop. And it cleans the PC after a Web browsing session to prevent your personal information from being left behind. So your passwords, your confidential information, and your financial data remain protected.

• Virtual Browsing - Builds a protective shield around your web browser. It creates a temporary clone of your browser so that anything you do on the web runs in a protected shell, sealed off from your PC.
• Browser Threat Immunity - Immunizes your browser against security holes in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Prevents web sites from installing spyware and other malicious software onto your computer without your knowledge.
• Private Browser - Erases all cache, cookies, history and passwords from the current session when you close the browser. This prevents the next person who uses the computer from seeing where you’ve been.
• Keylogger & Screengrabber Jamming - Keeps your keystrokes and click trails private. Discovers and blocks silent spyware from stealing your identity.
• Dangerous Download Detection - Detects dangerous downloads and alerts you to problems before they begin. You can download files safely, and free from worry that they might harm your computer.
• Anti-Phishing - Click where you want, your personal information remains secure. Dual-engine anti-phishing identifies and stops fraudulent websites that trick you into revealing personal data.
• Spy Site Blocking - Prevents spyware from infiltrating your PC by detecting and blocking websites known to distribute spyware.
• Website Safety Check - Checks the credentials on every website you visit, so you know if the website is a safe place to enter data and download files.
• Spyware Flushing - Auto-cleans your Web browser memory each time you close it, wiping away spyware and other dangers.
• On-The-Fly Encryption - Temporary file encryption protects the data you enter online from spyware for an additional measure of security.
• Seamless Integration - Compatible with all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox on XP and Vista.
• Security Software Compatibility - Run ZoneAlarm ForceField with your current antivirus or security suite, for an essential level of critical web protection you would not have otherwise. It is compatible with all security software currently on the market.
• Fast and Easy to Use - Installs in seconds and runs fast so it won’t slow you down. You can surf the web like always, knowing your PC is protected. ZoneAlarm ForceField runs automatically, without any setup or training.

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Fast DVD Copy 4

Products> Fast DVD Copy Features Fact Sheet | Features | FAQ | Download | Lost Serial #

The first software built for Mac OS X that allows users to copy their DVD video collections, Audio CD collections, PlayStation 2 games, DVD-ROMs or CD-ROMs without losing any quality from the original.
FAST DVD COPY is the most powerful digital technology copy software for Mac available on the market today.

FAST DVD COPY 4 Features

General features

* One-click copy interface
* Allows you to copy:
o almost all DVD videos to blank DVD-R(W) discs
o PlayStation 2 games* to a DVD-R(W) disc
o almost all Audio CDs to a CD-R(W) disc
o a CD-ROM to a CD-R(W) disc
o a DVD-ROM to a DVD-R(W) disc
* Takes advantage of Macintosh dual processors for faster processing
* Removes CSS encryption and Macrovision protection
* Free update patches available online
* Privacy guaranteed with no digital mark written on the copied discs

DVD specific features

* Copies an entire dual-layer DVD video to one single-layer DVD-R(W) disc
* New Rip Only and Rip & Compress modes
* Freedom to choose all items or specific items to copy including menus, trailers, audio
* streams, subtitles, bonus material and special features
* Movie only feature, to copy only the main feature without menus or bonuses
* Copied DVD videos can be played on any recent DVD player
* Removes CSS encryption and Macrovision protection
* Support for ARccOS-protected DVDs
* RCE protection handling
* Duplication quality viewer available
* Option to send copy logs to technical support
* Fully copies multi-channel audio (Dolby Didital 5.1, DTS, THX)
* Apple iDVD compatible
* NTSC and PAL formats supported
* Widescreen and Full Screen sizes supported
* DVD copies are region free


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Building Websites in Flash 8- Video Teacher


In this video series, Craig unleashes the power of Flash Professional 8 on the Flash web development process. Throughout the course of this series, you'll learn everything you need to know to create your own jaw-dropping website in Flash 8. But even if you don't HAVE the latest version of Flash, this video series is still for you. From time to time, throughout the course of this series, Craig jumps back and forth between older versions of Flash in order to illustrate how to achieve some of the same feats for those of you who don't have version 8.

Take a look at the website that Craig builds Video Website.

Detailed Video Descriptions

1 - Introduction (Running Time: 2:30)
In this video, Craig welcomes you to the series and gives you a brief explanation of what to expect as well as a brief exhortation to "stay inspired".

2 - Building a Basic Website (Running Time: 18:32)
Building a basic website in Flash can be easier than you might think. In this video, Craig teaches you some of the basic theory behind putting a website together using Flash, and he jumps right in and gets you started creating your first website.

3 - Making it Work (Running Time: 21:40)
A website won't do you much good if your buttons won't take you from one page to the next. In this video, Craig shows you how to add actions to your buttons in order to create basic navigation for your site.

4 - Adding Button Actions to a Frame (Running Time: 17:32)
You've added actions to your button instances themselves, but do you know how to create the same functionality by adding the actions to a frame instead of a button? In this video, Craig will show you how to keep all your Actionscript in one central area by adding actions for your buttons to a frame.

5 -Animated Buttons (Running Time: 18:04)
Make your boring buttons a little more compelling by animating them! In this video, Craig will show you how to do just that.

6 - Movie Clip Buttons, Part 1 (Running Time: 16:19)
Ignore everything you've learned about buttons so far . . . well, not everything. In this video, Craig introduces the concept of creating buttons using movie clip symbols instead of button symbols. This technique allows you a little more flexibility--and hence, a little more creativity--with your buttons.

7 - Movie Clip Buttons, Part 2 (Running Time: 19:02)
Now that you've created your movie clip buttons, Craig will show you in this video how to add actions to them to make them function properly. He then walks you through a quick discussion of duplicating movie clips in order to make multiple buttons for a menu.

8 - Invisible Buttons (Running Time: 7:21)
In this video, Craig will discuss the use of invisible buttons to create clickable hotspots in your website. He also hints at another use of the invisible button, which will be discussed in detail in a later video.

9 - Button Instances (Running Time: 9:01)
In this video, Craig discusses the difference between symbols and instances of symbols. He uses a set of button instances to illustrate his point.

10 - Button Rollover Effects (Running Time: 19:09)
In this video, you will learn how to add a rollOver action to your buttons that will trigger an event in a separate movie clip. In other words, when you hover over the "home" button, you'll see a cute little animation of a house on the opposite side of the stage.

11 - Popup Menus (Running Time: 33:54)
In this self-explanatory video, Craig will show you how to create a popup menu. In the process, you will finally learn another use for the aforementioned invisible button.

12 - Simple Page Transitions (Running Time: 13:14)
Transitioning from one page in your website to another can be pretty boring if you don't try to give it a little life. In this video, Craig will show you how to create simple, animated transitions between the pages of your website.

13 - A Note About Hit States (Running Time: 12:06)
In all versions of Flash before version 8 hit the shelves, Flash developers had to be very concerned with hit states, especially when creating a button that consisted only of text. In this video, Craig explains how that concern has been greatly lessened in Flash 8, and he also discusses cases in which you will still need to use a hit state. Also, he will show you how to create a hit state for a movie clip button.

14 - Building a One-Frame Website, Part 1 (Running Time: 17:06)
If you try to put all your animations on the main timeline, it will start to become very bulky very quickly. In this video, Craig will illustrate how to create an entire website that only takes up one frame in the main timeline.

15 - Building a One-Frame Website, Part 2 (Running Time: 13:05)
In this video, Craig demonstrates a second method for consolidating your main timeline in one frame. This method involves stacking all your websites on top of each other in the form of movie clips and then turning them off and on as needed.

16 - Functions (Running Time: 22:00)
All you designers out there are probably cringing at the title of this video . . . but don't worry. In this video, Craig will ease your Actionscript-induced fears as he explains in very simple terms what a function is and how it works. He discusses and demonstrates the use of functions with and without parameters.

17 - The currentPage Variable (Running Time: 32:22)
Variables! Another programming term that makes right-brained designers shudder. Admittedly, the concepts in this video start to get a little tricky for the beginning Actionscripter, but it's a crucial concept to understand in order to make your page navigations more robust.

18 - Website Tour (Running Time: 4:06)
It's finally time to get started on the project website for the video series. In this video, Craig will walk you through the website you will be creating.

19 - Assembling the Stage (Running Time: 30:33)
As the construction of the project begins, Craig walks you through the layout and assembly of the skeleton of the project website.

20 - Grand Hotel Buttons, Part 1 (Running Time: 35:48)
In this video, Craig puts all of his button tutorials into use as he walks you through the creation of the buttons on the main menu of the project website.

21 - Grand Hotel Buttons, Part 2 (Running Time: 20:22)
Above the main menu on the project website is another set of three buttons that look and behave a little differently than the buttons on the main menu. After encouraging you to put your skills to the test by creating the button animations on your own, Craig shows you his process for assembling the buttons.

.................................................. ................................................
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B-Free download e-book, Building Websites in Flash 8- Video Teacher
It is really great and useful to build websides

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Batch Picture Resizer v2.7

Batch Picture Resizer v2.7 | 5.16 MB

Why would you need an image resizer? Well, there are some innocent folk out there, who waste their time watermarking, converting or resizing pictures one-by-one. After spending hours carrying out such simple tasks, they then complain how difficult it is to use Photoshop even for the easiest of conversion jobs…

Jobs that a simple resize pictures tool could do in minutes. Now there is no excuse for such complaints - Batch Picture Resizer is software specifically designed for fast and simple automation of such tasks as picture resizing, conversion and watermarking. Batch Picture Resizer is a new easy and user-friendly image resize and watermarking tool. It helps you to resize large groups of pictures in one go for the purpose of sending via email, publishing on the web or just to save space on your hard drive.

Batch Picture Resizer works with the major image formats (including JPG, BMP, RAW, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA etc). It can resize pictures with high quality, and flip, mirror or rotate them without losing quality (lossless rotation). The picture resizer offers users a one-click function to optimize color levels or convert pictures to grayscale, while text or image watermarks can be added to protect images.

The program can also be used to resize picture to a larger one using different filters for better viewing with optimum results.Many cameras can detect and store their orientation relative to the scene, when the image was captured. Batch Photo Resizer can retrieve this information and use it to automatically rotate your images.

Key features
• Resize individual pictures or image batches in one go
• Addition tool for text and image watermarks
• Image conversion using all major formats
• Command line support
• Auto rotation of JPEG images
• Batch lossless image rotation
• Keeps camera EXIF tags
• Change canvas size
• Raw images support (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, RAW, DNG, MNG, etc.)
• 'Rename image files' function in batch mode
• Fast and easy-to-use
• Prompt-free overwrite of files with a new size
• Automatic save of newly resized photos in a separate file
• Image color level optimization or conversion to grayscale
• Windows 7 and Vista compliant
• Compression rate and DPI change for output files.

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Magic Particles v1.6

Magic Particles v1.6 | 5.12 MB

Magic Particles allows to create various special effects easily and quickly. In addition you can use videopost mode. Special effects. A lot of samples of special effects are delivered with Magic Particles. You can use these samples as you wish or create your own special effects. Magic Particles does not require special knowledge of computer graphics.

A burning text, a flying comet, fireworks, a snow blizzard and a multi-coloured fog - all these (and many other!) special effects will be possible to create in our program.
A very useful feature - quick animation of any text. You can write any words and special effect will be applied to your text.
Magic Particles supports a lot of graphic formats for saving results.

Magic Particles allows to decorate your video or animate your graphic images. Use videopost mode to combine your image with any special effect. In practice, you can move and scale your image and special effect, in order to reach the best appearance.
You can also export special effect to video file or sequence of graphic files, in order to execute videopost in other program. 

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Instant File Recovery Software 1.0

Instant File Recovery Software 1.0 | 1.78 MB

Whether its a slip of the finger or a glitch in Windows, doesnt it always seem that its the most important files that get deleted and cant be recovered?
When you lose a word processing document, spreadsheet, source code file, or some other important file, hours of hard work can go up in smoke in a digital second when a valuable file disappears.

Sure, Windows has a Recycle Bin, thats SUPPOSED to let you recover a deleted file, but it doesnt always work. Worse, files that are deleted by application software, or when you hit SHIFT->DELETE, delete files en mass, or when an application crashes, bypass the recycle bin altogether so there is no chance of getting them back once that happens.

What are your options?
Spend hours of your time re-creating the document?
Spend thousands of dollars with a data recovery company?
Tell your boss or client that your PC ate your project?

All you have to do is fire up InstantFileRecovery and it goes right to work to immediately identify and recover your accidentally deleted file. And even if a portion of the lost file has already been overwritten, InstantFileRecovery will attempt to reconstruct as much of the file as possible with the remaining content. This means that you can usually get SOME of your deleted file back in the worst case scenario. And thats way better than getting back nothing at all.

The best thing about InstantFileRecovery is that it isnt necessary for it to have been pre-installed in order to recover your lost files.

Thats right! So even if you are reading this right now, and you dont already own a copy of InstantFileRecovery, its probably not too late. You can download your copy now and put it to work recovering a file that you deleted yesterday, last week, or even a month or more ago. Trust me, if all or part of your missing file is still on your hard drive, InstantFileRecovery will, well, get YOUR files back. It really is that simple! 

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