Monday, May 11, 2009

LetitBitAFT v4.10

LetitBitAFT v4.10 | 5,14 Mb | RS & ULD Links

Program fills fayolv to letitbit. Now you can can upload files even easier, safer, and at any time convenient for you LetitBitAFT - Program for comfortable downloading files on LetitBit without a browser.

The latest version 4.10 from 29.04.2009

What's new:
- Changes in the name of the server, now server will be referred to on - are the synonyms for servoerov Ie once a day to some 21 r-server with the largest continuous free space.

- Display summary information about your account (number of files, jump, balance, etc.);
- Quick list of files from the server, and balance;
- Remove files from the server;
- Multi-upload to FTP;
- Support for downloading large files;
- Editing the description file;
- Formatting links on a given template with copy for use in news publications;
- Speed limit is pouring files;
- Continue filling the file from the precipice