Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hackman Suite Pro v9.02 || Must See

Hackman Suite Pro v9.02 | 9 Mb

Hackman Suite Pro - With Hackman Editor you can edit any type of file in your hard disk, even your hard disk itself. Data are presented in 5 different ways (modes): ASCII, Hex, Binary, Octal, Decimal. With Hackman Professional, you can edit in all six modes, while with Hackman Lite, you can edit only in Hex & ASCII (as in the common hex editors).

Here's a partial feature list:

-Edit any binary files
-Disk Editor
-RAM Editor
-Unlimited undo/redo with undo/redo -lists
-Clipboard control: cut, copy, paste, -paste special, clear clipboard
-Highly sophisticated find and replace
-Unlimited watches and bookmarks
-Numerous conversion modes, including Java, C++, VB, ASCII, text and more
-Patch Maker
-MS-DOS Executable Maker
-Checksums: CRC16/32, MD5, SHA1 and more
-Cryptographic capabilities (Skipjack, NSA, RCA algorithms)
-Live update to constantly keep your copy up-to-date
-Support for macros and template editing
Command bar
-Numerous Plugins and External Tools
-Highly customizable: reconfigure toolbar, shortcuts, menus, anything!
-Available in more than 20 languages!
-Unparallel extension capabilities: build your own plugins easily
-Help books online

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