Monday, June 15, 2009

JAlbum 8.3.5 Portable

JAlbum 8.3.5 Portable | 9.55 MB

JAlbum 8.3.5 is a program that helps you make from your digital photos HTML albums. Its creators say it is most severe, but also one of the most powerful in the industry. It takes your pictures, a few clicks of the mouse and your album is ready - in the HTML version you can publish on the Internet.

With the proliferation of digital cameras, each day there are more users who forget to disclose reels and work with their photos directly on your computer. The problem comes when it comes to ordering these images or teach a friend, role that until now the traditional photo album.
JAlbum 8.3.5 can now take all your photos organized perfectly, and also publish them online so everyone can see them. And all this in just minutes.
Simply drag and drop over the interface JAlbum 8.3.5 directory with the images you want to include in the photo album, select a few settings and generate the album. The program creates an HTML page with a gallery of images to scale, an index that links to the original images.
JAlbum 8.3.5 does not alter your original photos, and supports most popular formats, including JPG, GIF and PNG, as well as video formats AVI, MPG and WMV. Moreover, the appearance of the album is fully customizable using skins.

* Easy to use User Interface
* Runs on many systems
* Add images with drag & drop
* Skins — endless customization
* Add comments
* IPTC and EXIF support
* Apply filters
* Other Filetypes
* Share straight from your computer
* Publish to the web
* Your personal page:
* Manage your albums
* Create your own skin
* Supports 32 Languages