Thursday, June 18, 2009

PicaSafe v2.0 Build 213

PicaSafe puts images into an executable file, protecting them with a password. There are hundreds of ways to hide your private photos on the computer but only one of them is really safe. Protect your collections of digital photos with PicaSafe! PicaSafe is much like a suitcase with a false bottom. Anyone can Run the program and enjoy the pictures that you decided to make publicly available. But enter a password, and you'll immediately get access to another hidden set of pictures. What would you do if you are forced to show your photo albums? With PicaSafe, you can create a false digital photo album protected with a false password. If you are forced to enter a password, just type the false one to display the harmless photo album instead of the really private stuff.

» Put images into an executable file, protecting them with a password
» Hide pictures in digital photo albums
» Let others believe they've seen all of your pictures
» Digital pictures are stored in their original size, quality and format
» Nobody can view your files even if they steal the album
» Show only what you'd like to show
» Run on the go just as easily as from a desktop PC