Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Focus Photoeditor v6.0.9.9 Regged-F4CG

Focus Photoeditor v6.0.9.9 Regged-F4CG
Size | 10 mb


Focus is easy to use: the user interface is designed forthose having an average knowledge of image editing, and there are automatic settings to help you get started. In Focus Photoeditor you will find all the tools and features of top image-editors : the program supports object type Layers and fully editable Text Layers: it is possible to convert a text layer into an image layer in every moment you need to. And you can save all your work (image and text layers included) to a project file to resume it later. There is also support for 8 bit Selections, that can be created in many different ways. Focus is an excellent painting program, with one of the best set of retouch tools available. Youll be able to use different brushes and make your own. Also textures, gradients and patterns are available. Further Focus adopts the antialias concept in all of its editing
tools. Many excellent filters, expecially those concerning color manipulation, will give you many options to create unique graphics.

Added in this release:

* Added RGB - Luminance Slider to RGB Curves Correction

* Several improvements

Release name: Focus.Photoeditor.v6.0.9.9 Regged-F4CG
Size: 10.94 mb

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