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Traffic Secrets (12 CDs ) Win+Mac

Traffic Secrets (12 CDs ) Win+Mac

Traffic Secrets (12 CDs ) Win+Mac | 2.60 GB
2.60 GB Compress
5.92 GB UnCompress

CD 01 - The Foundation

CD 02 - Market Discovery

CD 03 - Keyword Science

CD 04 - Keyword Dynamics

CD 05 - Content Factory

CD 06 - Video Marketing

CD 07 - Social Strategy

CD 08 - Adwords Mastery

CD 09 - Advertising Methods

CD 10 - Widgets and Softwares

CD 11 - Affiliate Army

CD 12 - The Master Plan


Traffic = Money.
Here's How To Get A Lot Of It.
Do You Want More Cash-Paying Leads And Customers For Your Products & Services?
And Do You Want Them TODAY?

You're about to discover how easy it is to bring in a FLOOD of web site visitors by knowing...

How-To: Get high search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN

How-To: Crack the Google AdWords 'code' to generate tons of traffic for pennies

How-To: Tap into Social Media - including Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking sites, and more

How-To: Pull in thousands of free visitors from YouTube and other video sites

How-To: Use 'Viral Marketing' to automatically multiply your traffic

How-To: Build your own 'Affiliate Army' and have others sending you traffic every single day

And Much, Much More!

Dear Entrepreneur,

This is it.

Pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you or run the risk of ending up like the majority of other online marketers that will soon become frustrated, angry, and finding themselves struggling to make tiny profits. (Or not making any money at all.)

Don't say I didn't warn you.

You know that everything comes down to your ability to generate traffic to your web site. Period. Without traffic there is no money.

So if you want to make a lot of money then you absolutely must know how to create a lot of traffic. No exceptions.

I'm personally producing millions of dollars each year from my current portfolio of web sites that generate as much as 2,200,000 visitors PER DAY. (And growing.)

Do the math. It's not rocket science. The more traffic you generate, the more money you make.

Are you absolutely serious about exploding your web site traffic and your sales? If you are then you owe it to yourself to take just 9 minutes and read every word of this valuable web site. If you do then you'll probably find it will be the most important thing you ever did for your business.

Do you want to know how to generate a ton of traffic to any of your web sites? I'll show you exactly how to do it using a step-by-step, proven, scientific system that I've developed and fine-tuned during the past 14+ years of marketing online.

This system will work for any niche market and any business model. If your business has a web site it will work for you - even if you're somewhat new to Internet Marketing.

Let me show you so you can see it work with your very own eyes...

Here's Where Most Marketers Brag About Themselves To Try And Convince You How Smart They Are
This is the point where most people trying to sell you something feel forced to answer the question...

"Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?"

And, No, I'm not going to start listing all these "testimonials" where I selectively list for you tons of people who think I'm amazing.

There's a much BETTER way for you to research me if you don't know me. It's called Google.

Just go there and search my name ("John Reese" and you can do your own research. See what others are saying about me all over the Internet.

That's a lot more valid than some marketer telling you how great they are.

But If You're In A Hurry Let Me Save You Some Time...

If you spend some time Googling my name and company here's some of what you'll quickly discover...

I've helped THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs (just like you) start or grow their business on the Internet. I've helped countless number of students go from doing $2,000/month in sales to over $50,000/month in sales (and beyond).

I even have several students that have gone on to produce multi-million dollar businesses online starting from scratch. And I'm very proud of my track record of being able to help so many people and their families.

I've been one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of the Internet when it comes to creating online projects that CREATE PROFITS.

I was the first known online entrepreneur in the world to generate over one million dollars in sales for a single product in ONE DAY. (Which ended up producing over $1 million in profit in less than a week.)

I've made millions of dollars in a variety of markets - from golf to babies to sports to hobby markets to B2B and more. And I've done it using a variety of business models -- ecommerce, information products, affiliate marketing, selling software, lead brokering, and more.

I am one of the few people in the world that can say they've created a web site from scratch and using a tiny marketing budget put that site into the Top 500 most trafficked web sites in the world.

And I've cracked the Top 500 list with THREE different sites and I'm currently working on my 4th.

And, NO, I'm Not Running Some Bizarre Cult!
If you start researching my name you'll quickly discover something almost a bit strange and unusual...

It's like people are hypnotized or in some sort of zombie-like state. The way many people are passionately talking about me you may wonder if I'm running some sort of cult...

Well, the reason for this odd behavior is simple... I don't have customers, I have raving fans.

I only create top-notch products that will truly help people succeed. I'm an avid tester. I test thousands of variables and components and share my results. Simply put, I only teach WHAT WORKS RIGHT NOW.

A lot of what you'll find being discussed about me is something called Traffic Secrets. This is a home-study course that I released in August 2004 that changed the Internet Marketing industry forever.

This landmark course became one of the fastest-selling training courses in the history of the Internet and went on to create a massive amount of success stories from those that applied the methods in the course.

The original Traffic Secrets course is no longer available for sale but you'll find it on eBay going for as much as $500 a pop. But let me save you some money if you don't already have that original course. (In a moment I'll tell you how to get it FOR FREE.)

Even, though, the original course still works today a lot has changed during the past four years...

Social Media Marketing

Advanced Content Syndication

Video Marketing & Optimization

Search Engine 'Backdoors'

Using Cheap Armies Of People To Build Your Traffic

Widgets & Software For Lead Generation

New Methods For Affiliate Marketing

And So Much More.

Because of all these changes, and having spent a small fortune and thousands of hours to take advantage of all these new traffic opportunities for MY OWN sites, I needed to update my valuable Traffic Secrets course so others could continue to generate MAXIMUM TRAFFIC...

Introducing Traffic Secrets 2.0
After listening to customer feedback from the original course, and taking into account all of the new opportunities and changes to the Web during the past 4 years, I decided to completely rebuild my valuable training system from the ground-up...

The foundation of the new course is an interactive learning platform. The course contains (12) CD-Roms that 'connect' to a special Web-based learning platform to help anyone create maximum traffic results in minimum time.

The CD-ROM learning platform will work on both PC and MAC.

Here's a shot of one of the CD-Rom interface menus...

The foundation of the course is (12) Interactive CD-Roms. Each one is designed to introduce you to several 'key' strategies and then tells you exactly how to utilize them to produce maximum traffic.

Here's What You'll Discover On

CD-ROM 1: "The Foundation"
On this CD-Rom we'll establish a valuable foundation. You'll discover several powerful principles that will guide your entire traffic-building project. You'll learn several powerful, yet simple concepts that you can apply again and again to help any of your sites generate not only more traffic, but almost more income.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #1...
Why the internet is the greatest research tool that's ever been invented and how you can use it for competitive research.
6 core principles that must be the building blocks of your business.(This is the difference between building a business that can be swept away in an instant and building one for the long haul.)
How to use the #1 shortcut to success to get a head start on your competition.
The truth about the 80/20 rule and how it affects the amount of traffic you'll receive.
What's the fastest way to grow your traffic?Simple, just do this... Lesson 1.
A huge majority of the traffic you see online, goes to only a handful of the top websites. What's the one thing that most of these websites have in common?See Lesson 2.
And much, much more.

CD-ROM 2: "Market Discovery"
On this CD-Rom you'll learn to become one of the most powerful spies in the world. You'll tap into the power of the Internet to find out where the money is flowing in your market so you can get in front of it.

You'll also learn how to find all the working traffic generation strategies and methods in your market so you can 'borrow' them for your own use.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #2...

How to get a list of the top 100,000 traffic websites in the world. (See Lesson 8.)

How to 'data mine' a website and generate an enormous amount of keywords for your products.(You'll see an in-depth example of me unearthing a goldmine of keywords in less than 5 minutes using this method.Don't miss Lesson 2.)
3 core questions you must answer before you begin any online business. (See Lesson 1.)

How to 'hunt down' your most rabid customers, pick their brains to find out exactly what they want, and give it to them in a way your competition can not. (See Lesson 1.)
Don't know what you should write about?Here's an easy way to get an endless supply of ideas for content. Lesson 4.
How to find out products that people in your marketplace are raving about and tap into the core desires your prospects already have. See Lesson 2.
The best article directory on the entire internet is... see Lesson 4.
PR Traffic Domination:I'll show you how to use largest aggregator of press releases online for continuous free traffic.(You'll discover how to spot the most effective press releases and model them for instant results. See Lesson 6.)
The correct way to use Google to research Adwords listings and organic listings. (Lesson 7.)
Instantly discover who your target customer is, where they go online and who your competition is. (See Lesson 1.)
A secret community site for bloggers where you can find a ton of blogs in your category.See Lesson 3.
How to get up to 100,000 top brand keywords for a competitors website and raid his most valuable keywords. (This is one of the best research tools available to you online right now.Lesson 8.)
How to discover new viral websites and services before the mainstream gets an idea of what's coming. (Lesson 8.)
Who's linking to your competitors?Here's a down and dirty way to find out who is linking to your competitor's website.(I'll even show you a simple trick you can use to find 'invisible links'. You have to check this one out. Skip on over to Lesson 9.)
How to use Google Groups to find groups of people talking about your market. (Lesson 2.)
Traffic Bombshell: This 'free tool' is the most valuable research tool on the internet and it's made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Are you using it? See Lesson 10.)
This is the one blog search engine every serious marketer must know about.Lesson 3.
Cheat Sheet: Don't reinvent the wheel. Take this proven shortcut to find out what is already working in your market and improve on it. (Lesson 2.)
Why you want to freely link to other blogs in your market. Lesson 3.
Future Pacing:How valuable would it be to you if you had next month's newspaper in your hands today?In Lesson 11, I'll show you how to spot and predict trends in your marketplace and also how to spot declining trends so you won't waste time and money.
How to use blogrolls to discover more blogs to market to. Lesson 3.
Even if you've been marketing online for a long time, this is the one thing you must revisit if you want to take your business to the next level.See Lesson 2.
How to use YouTube to do research on your competitors and find videos that are in your market. Lesson 5.
7 questions you must ask to narrow down exactly who is your target customer and laser in on all of their wants and needs. (See Lesson 1.)
The key to maximum effectiveness and traffic generation with Technorati. Lesson 3.
Ever wonder how much traffic a website is getting?Here are tools you can use to get your answer.See Lesson 8.
How to do geography based keyword research. (Lesson 11)
Traffic Triple Threat: How to find the mother load of community sites, forums and social sites for whatever market you wish to dominate.(See Lesson 2.)
What kind of articles are available in your market that your target customers read every single day? (See Lesson 4.)
Here's a simple little trick you can use to find massive lists of forums filled with people ready to buy your products. (You'll also discover what to do if you can't find any discussion forums for your market. See Lesson 2.)
And much, much more.

CD-ROM 3: "Keyword Science"
On this CD-Rom you'll learn powerful keyword research secrets that 99% of marketers don't know exist. Most marketers know all the common keyword research tools and the basic metrics to look for but that's only 5% of what you need to know to generate maximum traffic and income. This CD-Rom will take you deeper. Much deeper.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #3...

Keyword Bonanza: Why keyword research is the KEY to big traffic and why you should watch this CD even if you're making a lot of money online. Lesson 1.

How to get traffic from keywords you're not even optimized for. See Lesson 1.
An 'insider service' used by many of the top pros that shows you not only what keywords your competitors are buying, but it also gives you an educated estimate on how many clicks they're getting daily, what they're paying per click and how much their daily budget is. Killer tool! Check it out in Lesson 7.
Use this free spreadsheet to compile your most valuable keywords.Lesson 1.
How to tap into the 'King Kong' of keyword research. (Almost every search engine marketer I know uses this tool.You'll see how easy it is to generate thousands of keywords for your market, get the 'all important' KEI of your keywords and export them with the click of a button.See Lesson 8.)
How to find your competitors keywords and piggyback on their success. Lesson 1.
A great free tool you can use to find out what keywords a website is ranking for and what positions those keywords are located in the search engines.Lesson 6.
How to use your web browser to commit 'meta spying' and uncover keywords on any page you visit.See Lesson 4.
The Keyword Research Myth: If you fall for this trap, you'll never have the freshest keyword data and you'll always be behind the curve.See Lesson 1.
The truth about LSI and how it's changed the way you'll do keyword research in the future.See Lesson 1.
How to use the 'Serializer Method' to expand a small keyword list into thousands... and still keep your relevancy level extremely high. (A good friend of mine, Frank Kern, has made millions using this method. See Lesson 1.)
Google Slap Anxiety?Here's how to improve your quality score using a free little-known tool offered by Google.See Lesson 2.
Bookmark Alert!You'll want to put this website in your favorites, because it allows you to find out which keywords are driving traffic to virtually any website.(Best part:You can see what percentage of their traffic is generated by each keyword.This shouldn't be legal.But it is.And it's one killer competitive research tool. Check it out in Lesson 5.)
A fast and highly effective method to brainstorm keywords for your products.(See Lesson 1.)
99% of people marketing online right now make this critical mistake and forfeit the lion's share of all the money they could pocket.Are you making this critical mistake too?See Lesson 1.
If you don't invest in anything else for your business, here's the one thing you must not skimp on.Lesson 1.
Do you use Google's free keyword tool?I'll show you how to manipulate this keyword tool and have it spit out highly targeted keywords using your competitors own website. Also, I'll show you a neat trick that allows you to generate additional keywords that you would've never thought of by tapping into a little known part of this tool hardly anyone talks about.See Lesson 2.
The battle between 'short tail' and 'long tail' keywords and why the difference is absolutely crucial to your online business.Lesson 1.
Directory Keyword Madness: How to use the Yahoo & DMOZ directories to find a sea of relevant keywords for your website.(You'll see how I use these directories to 'fish out' parallel markets and generate an endless flow of keywords.Lesson 3.)
Is that keyword you want to rank high for too competitive? Check the KEI.See Lesson 1.
Keyword Goldmine buried in your own backyard? It's true. The most valuable keywords you might ever find are hidden in your own website. You'll see how to discover keywords you never knew existed and optimize your web pages for more traffic. See Lesson 11.
Did you know you can generate a ton of traffic using misspelled keywords? Here's the tool I use to find them. Lesson 9.
And much, much more.

CD-ROM 4: "SEO Dynamics"
On this CD-Rom we'll cover the latest SEO strategies and techniques you'll need to know to optimize your pages for high rankings. We'll dive into the "behavorial" evolution of SEO and how you can stand ahead of the curve. We'll also go deep into LSI tactics (like adding related phrases to 'bookend' your targeted phrases) and tons of other ways to use LSI properly to get those high rankings -- and many other hardcore SEO tricks.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #4...

The 2 main keys to successful SEO. (See Lesson 1.)

Keywords you should never optimize for. (Hint: This is the #1 mistake most marketers make when it comes to SEO. Lesson 1.)

This 3 letter word that is the future of SEO. Lesson 1.

The search engine myth - there's one magic 'algorithm'. There's not. But if you focus on these basics, your results will improve dramatically. Lesson 12.

When you register a domain name, make sure you do this to look serious in the eyes of Google. Lesson 5.

If you simply focus on ____ and ____, you've taken care of 50% of the SEO battle. (The other 50% is won by your incoming links. See Lesson 1.)

15 critical 'Site Architecture' points that can make or break your SEO efforts. (Lesson 5.)

What's the one thing you can change on your webpage right now to give your website a huge SEO advantage? See Lesson 3. (Out of all of the things people have tested, this has consistently proven to be the most important 'on page' factor.)

How to use the best free tool to get the top LSI keywords. See Lesson 2.

How to get your website indexed faster and indexed better. (This is literally the blueprint for your website and search engine spiders love it. See Lesson 6.)

This is the most overrated 'on page' factor for your SEO. (Stop wasting your time on it. See Lesson 3.)

Warning: When you start focusing on link building, make sure you don't do this... see Lesson 7. (And, I'll show you a solid 'Rule of Thumb' to make sure you're linking to the right spots on your website.)

A very powerful, yet underused method of getting a ton of high quality incoming links to your website. Lesson 8.

A free tool that is made to enhance your SEO position. (One of the most valuable things you can use in your business is a content management system.And this tool makes content management extremely easy. See Lesson 10.)

2 core tools you can use to find where your competitors are getting their links. Lesson 9.

How to get a 'forensic view' of what keywords and links are bringing you the most effective traffic. Lesson 11.

How to boost your search engine power by buying domain names. (This is one of my secret weapons when it comes to internet marketing. I'll show a little known website that has over 800,000 domain names for sale and how easy it is to pick up great domain names. See Lesson 4.)

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 5: "Content Factory"
On this CD-Rom we'll go over how to set up your 'factory' to be pumping out high-quality, traffic-magnet content on a regular basis. If you want lots of traffic you absolutely must be doing this. In a very short amount of time those that aren't doing this will be left with very little traffic and business. I guarantee it.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #5...

How to execute a 'content launch' for maximum effect. Lesson 1.

SEO Lottery! How you can force more free traffic to flow your way by treating SEO like your state lottery.See Disc 5.

How to use the 'Oprah Method' to ease the management of your online content. (Lesson 1)

To make a powerful first impression on your visitor, always use this... see Lessons 1 and 2. (It could make the difference on whether you get a customer for life or someone who will never visit again.)

The best article directory, hands down. Lesson 5.

How to research, develop, create, syndicate and promote the material you create through your content factory. See Lesson 3 to discover the 'Producer Method'.

A great example of killer content you can use as a model for your own websites. Lesson 8.

How to generate 'link bait' content that automatically seduces website owners into giving you highly targeted links. (You'll see example after example of how easy it is to do this. Lesson 4.)

The right and wrong way to use email content to consistently get the best results out of your list. Lesson 7.

Secrets of generating massive amounts of sales and traffic from article marketing. (If you don't do anything else, you can create a ton of sales from this one method. It's that powerful. See Lesson 5.)

How to use content launches to generate more traffic, exposure and links for all of the content you create. Lesson 9.

A traffic technique that is generating hundreds of free subscribers daily for some marketers, but is underused and hardly ever talked about. See Lesson 6.

How to use live events to generate multiple pieces of content from the same presentation and a how to stream live video shows for free. Lesson 10.

This place is a 'gem' for finding a whole slew of experts to write for you. (You'll see how I get the best content created using this resource by doing a 'human split test'. Lesson 11.)

Why the investment that you make in content is literally like buying pay per click ads tenfold. (Every little piece of content you create can pay off for years to come. Lesson 12.)

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 6: "Video Marketing"
On this CD-Rom we'll cover the exciting new world of Video Marketing and how you can quickly and easily use video in your own marketing to generate a ton of traffic. It's a lot easier than most people think and you don't even have to appear in a single video if you don't want to. Most marketers are clueless when it comes to truly utilizing the power of video syndication across the Web.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #6...

How to use 'video responses' to hijack traffic from other popular videos. (You'll see an example that got 238,377 views using this technique. See Lesson 7.)

A simple trick to make your video quality look ten times better. Lesson 1.

Why video marketing is the future of traffic generation and what you can do to cash in on this growing phenomenon. (When it comes to entertainment, video trumps any other kind of content you can create. And the sales impact is tremendous. Lesson 1.)

How to use YouTube videos to get free search engine traffic. Lesson 5.

The best kind of video content you can create to generate traffic to your website.(Not all video types are idea for generating traffic. But, there's one specific video type that trumps them all when it comes to generating traffic. See Lesson 1.)

How to manipulate your thumbnail image on YouTube to generate higher clicks. Lesson 6.

How to do in-depth competitive analysis and research on videos in your marketplace. (I'll let you in on a great website I use to do research when I'm looking for high quality videos. See Lesson 4.)

A blow-by-blow walkthrough of specific types of videos you can create and the pros and cons to each. Lesson 2.

How to get your video podcasts listed in the iTunes directory. (This will get you in front of millions and millions of people. Lesson 10.)

Link building with videos? Use this website to track the latest videos that are getting a lot of links. Lesson 3.

How to spy on the videos with the most views on YouTube. Lesson 3.

How to use Amazon's S3 service to host your video files dirt cheap. (This little gem will also help you avoid video loading problems when you're doing a massive product launch. Lesson 11.)

How to examine the statistics and data to see where the traffic is flowing from each video on your site. Lesson 4.

The one time you should never use YouTube to host your videos. Lesson 1.

How to use social bookmarking sites to generate incoming links and boost your search engine rankings. Lesson 9.

A great way to get people to leave YouTube and fly to your website. Lesson 5.

How to use YouTube to find websites and blogs to build your affiliate army and get them to quickly send traffic your way. Lesson 5.

How to generate traffic from people who steal your videos. Lesson 5.

The keys to making video podcasts work and how to turn casual viewers into 'video junkies' who look forward to every video you create. (You'll also discover how to monetize your podcasts using podcast directories. Lesson 10.)

What to add in the info section of YouTube to get a ton of free traffic to your website. Lesson 5.

How to use linking to boost your video's rank on YouTube and Google. Lesson 5.

A huge list of video related sites where you can submit your videos and drive extra traffic. Disc 6.

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 7: "Social Strategy"
On this CD-Rom you'll discover how to tap into the VIRAL elements of Social Media. You'll also learn how to use it to automatically syndicate your content so it gets put in front of a MASSIVE CROWD of people everytime you publish something. There's definitely a 'right' way and a 'wrong' way to do this and you'll learn the 'right' way that will generate a steady flow of traffic for many years to come.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #7...

The #1 principle all of your social media should follow. Lesson 1.

Why 99% of marketers are using social media wrong and how you can use it the right way to grow your business and bond more deeply with your customers. (See Lesson 1.)

List of the top 30 social bookmarking sites. Lesson 8.

An in-depth examination of Twitter and how you can use it to generate traffic. (You'll see how Twitter creates a massive viral effect. See Lesson 4.)

The one thing you should never do on social media sites unless you want to fail miserably. (Lesson 1.)

The inner working of Facebook and how to use it to brand yourself and your company. (You'll see how to advertise on Facebook under the radar, how people get banned on Facebook and what you can do to avoid that fate. See Lesson 5.)

Here's the most effective way to get people to opt-in to your email list. See Lesson 2.

How to create your own social network for any topic you want. (I'll show you where you can find different networks for thousands of different topics. See Lesson 6.)

How to divert traffic from other blogs to your own. (See Lesson 3.)

The 'communications hierarchy formula' that you must understand if you want to get maximum response in the least amount of time. (See Lesson 1.)

How to use the Piggyback method to get great results on social media sites. See Lesson 1.

The correct way to use Twitter, RSS feeds and Facebook to grow your business and landmines you should avoid. Lesson 1.

This little known website can generate a large amount of traffic, if used correctly. Lesson 9.

A popular form of marketing that a lot of people use, but doesn't work and is a complete waste of time. See Lesson 1.

A free tool you can use to easily share content through multiple social sites. Lesson 11.

How to leverage social news sites for massive traffic and the truth about profiting from this traffic. (I'll show you an example of a blog post I made that generated 200,000 visitors and why it barely made a dime. Lesson 7.)

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 8: "AdWords Mastery"
On this CD-Rom you'll learn things about AdWords you didn't even know existed. Like how Google will actually tell you what phrases need to be on your landing page to get the lowest cost-per-click (and I don't mean the keyword you are advertising for.)

You'll also learn how to maximize your profits by having your ads only run during certain times of the day and to certain demographics.

You'll learn how you can compete with ANYONE in any market -- either promoting affiliate products or your own. Because you'll be able to get maximum results for the lowest possible price!

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #8...

The 3R's for success with Adwords. Lesson 1.

6 killer concepts that will have you writing persuasive Adwords ads in minutes. (Using these techniques will allow you to leapfrog over your competitors' ads. Lesson 3.)

How much should you pay per click for each keyword when starting out?Here's a quick rule of thumb that I follow... Lesson 1.

How to maximize the sales you get from Google by using dayparting, negative keywords and language and location tools in the Google interface. (Lesson 9, 10 and 11.)

How to do competitive research on all of your competition's Adwords ads. (Lesson 2.)

They laughed at me when I first mentioned this technique years ago, but now the experts are telling their students the exact same thing. See Lesson 1.

How to use the Google keyword tool to boost your quality score on your landing pages. Lesson 6.

Why it's worth it to you to actually pay more per click for certain keywords and how it can be more profitable to you. (It's not about how much you pay per click, it's about how much profit you make from each keyword or campaign. Lesson 1.)

The correct way to set up your campaigns to put the odds of success in your corner. Lesson 7.

Why you must treat every keyword is like it's own business. (Keywords are like vending machines and each one needs to pull it's own weight. Lesson 1.)

How to design your landing page so you get a great 'Quality Score' and lower the cost you pay per click. (See Lesson 5.)

Content Networks Secrets: This is a huge source of traffic from Adwords and most people don't utilize it correctly. You'll see how to use this traffic beast for maximum effect. Lesson 8.

The 'forgotten' part of an Adwords ad that can make all the difference in your clickthrough rate and quality score. (I've seen double the clickthrough rate just by changing this one thing. Lesson 4.)

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 9: "Advertising Methods"
On this CD-Rom we'll go wayyy beyond Google AdWords. We'll cover tons of places where you can advertise your site -- free and paid. You'll learn how to "roll-out" your traffic-building strategy and scale quickly to MILLIONS of visitors (yes, millions) if you want them. This is how many companies online are generating a small fortune and most smaller marketers don't even have a clue.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #9...

Big Traffic: How to enter into the world outside of pay per click and free search engine traffic and dive into large traffic pools that can thrust your website in front of millions of potential buyers. (There's way more traffic in media buying than there is with search traffic and your ability to scale the traffic is virtually limitless. See Lesson 1.)

How to use email sponsorships and co-registration to get your ad out to millions of people. Lesson 1.

How to harness the power of CPA networks to generate a ton of traffic. Lesson 4.

The pros and cons of using co-registration to grow your mailing list and unique insight into one of the largest co-registration networks online. Lesson 6.

Use this online video ad network to generate traffic from video ads. (Lesson 10.)

The most underrated method of generating traffic that I know of.(This is a true shortcut that hardly anyone ever uses. See Lesson 1.)

How to leverage the power of 'shopping engines' to drive traffic to your website and sell your products. Lesson 7.

Use this resource to find other pay per click search engines outside of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Lesson 2.

4 top ad networks you can use to buy billions of impressions for your ads. Lesson 3.

Where to buy blog advertising on some of the largest blogs on the internet. Lesson 5.

The next big wave of traffic that you absolutely must know about. Lesson 1.

A very powerful, yet 'free to low-cost' method used for generating mass traffic to your website. Lesson 8.

How to get website traffic from radio ads. Lesson 11.

How to buy websites to gain 'instant traffic'. (I used this method to go from 0 to a couple of thousand visitors a day with no PPC. I'll show you a powerful resource you can use to buy websites that are already generating great traffic numbers. See Lesson 9.)

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 10: "Widgets & Software"
On this CD-Rom we'll cover the vast array of new opportunities that software online is creating for any market. We'll cover all the traffic generation possibilities through toolbars, widgets, social networking applications, shareware, P2P files, and much more.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #10...

How to generate a massive traffic surge with widgets and software for fractions of a cent per visitor. (Most of the top traffic sites in the world either have tens of thousands of pages of content or they're based on software. You'll see why here. Lesson 1.)

Why this traffic generating opportunity is open in almost every niche market you can think of. Lesson 1.

How to take advantage of free traffic and quality links from badges and awards. Lesson 7.

How some of the top websites on the planet (like Skype, Facebook and MySpace) used software to generate incredibly viral sites that became multi-billion dollar enterprises. Lesson 1.

How people have used mashups to bring in millions and millions of dollars. Lesson 9.

How many online companies have built multi-million dollar companies by giving away software. (I'll give you an example of how I made a few million dollars from a software driven image hosting site. Lesson 1.)

How award sites can generate you tons and tons of visitors. Lesson 1.

How to find programmers to use to create your projects. (You'll also discover how to spy on what other people are getting made and get an example of how they create their specs. Lesson 11.)

The one thing that is absolutely vital to your software project running smoothly. Lesson 1.

How widgets work and what you can do to drive traffic with them. (You'll discover a great place to see what widgets are being made, how they are created, and a stunning example of a widget that's reaching over 120 million people per month. Lesson 4.)

How to do competitive analysis to see which software sites will generate the most traffic in your niche. Lesson 2.

How to use 'Toolbar Marketing' to generate traffic to your site. (I'll show you a quick and easy way to create them and you'll discover how to test the viability of them in your marketplace for free before you roll out. Lesson 3.)

Special tips to deal with programmers to make sure your software projects do not become disasters. Lesson 1.

How to use shareware and free download sites to create huge amounts of traffic. (I expose examples of websites that are getting millions of visitors using this traffic technique. Lesson 6.

Facebook Traffic Domination: Discover how Facebook Apps work and a where to find powerful examples of them you can model. Lesson 5.

Want to build the next MySpace or Facebook for your industry but you don't have the money? Use this $300 piece of software to create your own social network.

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 11: "Affiliate Army"
On this CD-Rom you'll learn a plan to leverage the thousands of traffic generation methods and campaigns being used by others in your market and simply have them send you tons of traffic for ZERO RISK.

It's one of the most powerful strategies in all of Internet Marketing and it's no coincidence that the most successful companies online are taking full advantage of it.

But there's a lot to it. The difference in having massive success and mediocre success can be a few small tweaks. So you'll want to pay close attention to everything on this disc.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #11...

How a successful affiliate program becomes a powerful viral marketing machine. (I've personally generate millions of dollars from this and discovered that you couldn't stop the flow of traffic even if you wanted to. Lesson 1.)

Why affiliate marketing drives the majority of traffic online and how it can multiply your own traffic efforts thousand fold. (It's the ultimate leverage and it's the most important traffic generating strategy for eBay, Amazon and others. Lesson 1.)

2 ways to jumpstart your affiliate program. See Lesson 1.

An examination of one of the largest networks in the world and how to use this network to find out what other companies are paying affiliates, what kind of ads are they giving their affiliates, and how they are succeeding. See Lesson 2.

How to use a sneaky link trick in Google to find affiliates for all of your products. Lesson 5.

How to sell your affiliate program and get a massive amount of people to sign up to it. (You'll discover vital things you should include in the marketing of your program to get affiliates excited about promoting your products. Lesson 9.)

How to magnetically attract affiliates through directories. Lesson 7.

How to set up contests that get affiliates fighting at the chance to promote you. You'll see a great affiliate contest with unique gifts you can use for your own business. Lesson 8.

A nasty little trick to find affiliates using CJ (You'll see how I got 3,750 results in less than one minute. Lesson 6.)

A gigantic mistake most people make with their affiliate program. Lesson 1.

An analysis of Clickbank and how you can use this network to improve your affiliate business. Lesson 3.

How to spy on and monitor affiliate activity in your niche and approach the most successful affiliates. Lesson 4.

How to use video to train your affiliates to promote your affiliate program for large commissions. (This is also a powerful weapon in dealing with common problems affiliates may run into. Lesson 10.)

And much, much more.

CD-ROM 12: "The Master Plan"
On this CD-Rom we bring it all together and start you down a path of SPECIFIC step-by-step action. We'll formulate a detailed plan of attack to start generating short-term, immediate traffic for your business as well as putting a more long-term, virally growing plan of action into motion.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On CD-ROM #12...

Traffic Cheatsheets: You'll get a walkthrough of all of the traffic blueprints you'll need to explode your traffic including... the Mission Control Blueprint, the Market Spy Blueprint, the Opportunity Analyzer Blueprint, the Adwords Attack Blueprint, the Content Factory Blueprint, the Social Director Blueprint, and the Advertising Expansion Blueprint.

How to maximize your traffic by taking simple maintenance steps to make sure everything runs smoothly. (Once you have your traffic machine rolling, you'll want to keep it that way. I'll take you by the hand and show you the easy steps you need to do to not only keep the traffic steady, but how to scale your advertising to even higher levels and acquire new business assets that will constantly grow your business.)

How to get ongoing help with the Traffic Secrets Community. You're not alone in this. You'll see how this powerful community can help you with any traffic questions you may have on the way (and ones you haven't even thought of yet). And you'll have a powerful sounding board to share your success and learn from the success (and mistakes) of others. This will be your traffic life-line for the upcoming years.


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