Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kolor Autopano Giga 2.0.1 FOSI

Kolor Autopano Giga 2.0.1 | 12.58 Mb

Autopano Giga is a software dedicated to the creation of panoramas, virtual tours and gigapixel images. Based on Autopano Pro software and including all its featues, Autopano Giga goes far beyond the creation of panoramas : stitch your images in 360°, export them into Flash virtual tours, link the tours together... so many possibilities to present in a new way all the photos and places you want to share. Resolution matters? Autopano Giga also enables you to stitch in a record time several hundred or thousand images to create photos of several gigapixels.

Main features:
» Automatic picture retrieval
» Color correction
» Smartblend ghost-remover
» Support of motorized panoramic heads
» Export in Flash, creation of virtual tours
» Fisheye lens
» Clean and easy interface
» Fully automatic stitching
» Full HDR stitching support
» Support for hundred of file formats
» Batch rendering manager
» Multiple processor support
» Control Point Editor to manage complicated case

With Autopano Pro, you can:

- Create professional-quality panoramic images, by automatically stitching photos together,
- Take advantage of the numerous advanced features of Autopano Pro: exclusive system of automatic color and exposure correction, control points editor to stitch images together even in difficult cases, SmartBlend ghost-remover to correct moving people or objects, HDR stitching from bracketed images, and many more features to discover,
- Automate the whole process of panorama creation to spend more time on the field, not in front of your computer.
What's new in version 2?

The current version of Autopano Pro is version 2. It was released at the end of April 2009. It introduced numerous optimizations and new features, among which:

- The use of the computer's graphic card for real-time display of the modifications in the panorama editor,
- The use of all computer's processors for a faster detection and stitching,
- The support of motorized panoramic heads to stitch several hundred or thousand images together, and create gigapixel panoramas,
- A new projection mode (Mercator) and the automatic choice of the most adapted projection mode,
- A Flash output.