Sunday, May 24, 2009

Windows 7 Theme: Aero Hilled

Windows 7 Theme: Aero Hilled | 18 Mb

Whats new:
- added multishellstyle with 4 folder color (generic, documents, pictures, music/videos)
- new start panel reworked at some requests
- new orb with no flames effect (in org folder you will find the flame version to)
- new taskbar (more transparency and this depends of the color that is chosed)
- clock and date is now more visible
- new items on the taskbar
- topshellstyle
- topshellstyle for games folder
- new left panel picture
- new welcome center picture
- fixed some bugs

- new sidebar that can be customizable with sidebar styler
- 3D picture workings but it shows only user picture
- stacks (thanks to Matias Moreno for this great patch)
- logon changer
- take control (to take control of all files that you need to replace)