Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st NTFS Recovery 2.1

1st NTFS Recovery 2.1 | 4.39 MB

Why use 1st NTFS Recovery instead of Windows Checkdisk? Being a simple built-in tool, Windows Checkdisk may be able to restore the corrupt file system, but it can only do so much to recover any data that is lost or corrupted on the broken disks and partitions.Your Data First Unlike Windows Checkdisk, 1st NTFS Recovery puts real value on your data. Carefully scanning the entire surface of the damaged hard drive, 1st NTFS Recovery locates and reconstructs important files and documents. Much like a human data recovery professional,1st NTFS Recovery weighs office documents, digital pictures and ZIP and RAR archived backups much higher than DLLs and executable files installed by software suites. While you can always re-install Office and even Windows, there's nowhere else to return your lost documents, spreadsheets and digital pictures back to you!

Being a genuine Windows application, 1st NTFS Recovery is easy and intuitive to use by anyone. You don't have to be a certified data recovery specialist in order to regain your files and documents. You don't even pay anything before making sure 1st NTFS Recovery can actually salvage your files!

1st NTFS Recovery is a truly visual tool fully compliant with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get principle. 1st NTFS Recovery Live Preview displays visual previews of your files and documents before saving them. You'll see your documents and digital pictures live prior to recovery. Live Preview ensures the recovery of proper versions of your documents. Live Preview supports all file formats supported by Microsoft Office, as well as all popular digital pictures and even camera RAW files.
One-Click Data Recovery

While scanning the disk can be lengthy depending on the volume size, the actual recovery is blazing quick and impressively easy. All you do is selecting the files to recover, or just clicking a single button to recover everything found on the damaged partition.

1st NTFS Recovery works on all versions of Windows supporting NTFS file systems from NT4 to Windows Vista, and recognizes all NTFS