Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Freeraser 1.00.23 Portable

Freeraser 1.00.23 Portable | 5,26 Mb

An ordinary deleting of files isn't enough! When you wish to delete any sensitive information, like industrial secrets or some unwanted content, you want to be sure that it will be deleted permanently. Sorry to say, there is a plenty of software recovery tools that can restore your deleted items. If you need to destroy any data and eliminate any possibility of its restoration you need a "shredder". This software destroys the data you choose before the deletion, using a complicated procedure of filling the actual content with random data.

Freeraser can function on three levels:
1- a fast destruction (standard 1-round filling of random data)
2- a forced destruction (3 rounds of filling according to DoD 5220.22M standard)
3- an ultimate destruction (35 rounds of filling with data according to Guttman algorithm).

What's New:
-We are constantly considering users opinion. Following multiple requests of Freeraser users we have applied some significant changes. The new version includes:
Multilingual version is ready. The new version supports your language! If not – maybe it is not translated yet. Maybe you are willing to add your translation. It is easy, it is simple, and it is fun!
-Alert message was added. Following your requests we have introduced this option. Now, when you drop an item to the trash can, you get a warning message. -Those who do not want to be disturbed by warnings may disable this option in the menu.

Who Needs it:
-Every computer user
-Parents who wish to prevent their kids from an adult content
-Employees who open private documents on a an office computer at work
-Employees who open work files at home
-Government agents, company executives and other professionals operating sensitive files

Why is it important:
You can hardly imagine how much information can be recovered from a hard disk. Most of software recovery tools can dig out information that exceeds by 300% the volume of your hard drive. That means that at least 3 layers of information can be restored; and this even without using a hardware recovery, which brings up much more.